What’s Your Job?


. . . Couch potato / NCO , I / C
TV remote controller . . .


#SometimesWeGoFishing *



It's a tough life...sometimes I have to endure the odd commercial or battery change (I went to rechargeable and bought 2 sets so I'm always prepared).
I’m jealous hearing about people retiring. :laugh: I spent 8hrs today helping my aunt fix up her retirement house, a mobile home that she found for $40k (including the land). She just retired last month and is enjoying her grandchildren and time off. As 33 year old “young grasshopper”, it was interesting driving into this 55 and up community and seeing these people just walking their dogs and detailing their Harley’s in the driveway. All joking aside, hope you get to enjoy many more years of a well earned retirement. I Hope to be alive long enough to make it to retirement, as well.


While I’m sitting at work....not working. I was curious to know what everyone does for a living. So, what do you do for a living?

I do maintenance on a 30 million dollar machine that produces toilet paper. Odd but true! Lol
Work at a “concentrates” facility for the last 11 years. Spent 8 years as a (hourly) field operator and board operator pushing buttons and the last 3 in management.
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