we need a hand signal to id one another


hey,we need some sort of recognition wave or something?
met another busa on fm 157 in venus,tx and started wondering if it was someone on this site.
never really thought about it until today and was going opposite direction at hi rate of speed.
nothing rude but clearly noticeable from opposite direction
any ideas??
the only thing i can thing of clearly visible is old roman salute
you know those old gladiator movies where they go "hail caesar "
would have to be left handed though
need more input
what about this from the previous board emoticons?

do this sign with your hand and nod in rhythm.
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When I'm running top end as most of the time I do if you see me consider that as a wave...

Normally I just throw a hand up and look the direction of the on coming rider...

A standard wave would be cool...

But I don't have a clue as to way could or should be used...
Closed left hand and straight arm.
They get the picture.
How about waht they use in the army when they give the "Fly" signal to the pilots, you know the one where you spin you hand with your ponter finger out?

Are you attempting to get someone blown off their bike?


"Hayabusa Joust"
haha, I think he's asking us for a hug....


being stuck on a little island has damaged his brain...

how about just flicking the high beams 3 times. keeps the hands on the bike. much safer..
Every other 'busa I've passed on the road has went by so quickly I barely even realize it's a busa.. I don't think I got time to be flickin' my headlamps.. or anything else for that matter. This normally happens on curvy two lanes though. Stuff tends to happen faster than on 4 lanes and such of course.. Maybe thats the difference.

I did do a double take over my shoulder once trying to make sure I'd just passed a 'busa and the other rider was doing the same thing..


I think that was a 'busa!"

Would be cool.. but pretty hard to do I think.. I just throw my hand up at anything with 2 wheels normally. Even Harleys just so I can call them pricks when they don't wave back. ;)
kerb, just so you know when even I flash my high beams it normaly means theres a cop up around the conner the just came from and Im tryin to warn everybody of the inpending doom!!
i like the one like Kerbie said... the old emoticon with 2 fingers up. it would distinguish riders from BUSA riders from the board....

just my .02

I don't have one for fellow Busa riders, but I love to give the finger to ZX-12 jockeys as I go through the traps. Notice attached picture. My buddy was taking it from his ZX

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