Update on my 99 Busa Gen 2 Conversion

Almost done doing my gen 2 conversion on my gen 1 99 busa. Gotta get my toggle switch for my Airshifter mounted. I’ll be converting the bike to a full gen 2 , gen 2 motor and all later on . Right now just the body style . Yes I could of sold this and bought a gen 2 busa. But I didn’t want to go through the process of selling it + it’s my first bike I bought. Just wanted to share my build with you guys.


Put the rear brake back , and the 2nd rotor . You are not saving anything to speak of as its close to central mass or moment of inertia . Run a light rear rotor . Having one brake on a bike like this is like jumping out of a plane with a damaged parachute .
Coming soon Thanks for the advice