undertail and hugger ON


Just put on my Topgun and Roca hugger. Not sure if I will keep the plate in this spot, but everything looks good. I did change the wires for the brake light so the inside LED's are on and when the brake is applied the outside LED's are on. Much more visible.
Pic- brake off

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Will take some more pic. in the morning. This is how I did the plate.

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OK Looks sweet, Now the indelicate question...How much was the Hugger and where did you get it...I want one...

It's also good to see that you got the fastest Color...sweet.

Hey Where is Destin? And you might want to edit your pics, get rid of your plate numbers.
I think it looks so good that I probably got an extra 5hp!! I bought it through www.alliedbarter.com and Sylvio. The hugger was (normaly $250) but I paid $165 to my door and the undertail was $235 to my door. The install was very easy and I am glad I didn't pay for it. I used a utility knife to cut all the plastic and everything went together perfect. I used 6 med. size plastic puch rivets(used for Ford door panels) that I got from Autozone instead of the stock ones and it worked great. The only way they will come out is with a drill. Took me about 2 hrs. with a little help soldering the wires together.
Hey Where is Destin?  And you might want to edit your pics, get rid of your plate numbers.
Destin is on the panhandle of Florida between Panamacity and Pensacola.  Destin is a resort town with the #1 beach in N.America, snow white sand emerald green waters. And I am getting a new plate today so I was not worried about showing the #'s.
Yeah blas, I am feeling motivated... How bright are those LEDS?  Do you feel safe using them as apposed to the stock set-up?  I am pretty grandmotherly when it comes to being visible.  Now what I want to do is have the rear inset area where the LEDs live chromed and then cover it with a clear lens, make it look a little more like the front light (chrome under glass)...

Destin sounds nice, to bad Mikeusf and I are way down in Tampa, would be cool to get three SE's together for some show and go time...

Anyway, thanks for the inspiration, I just moght have to follow in your footseps on this one, hope you don't mind.
Revlis- The LED's are very bright, but I reversed the wire so when the brake is on the outside LED's are on and no brake the inside LED's are on.  Much brighter this way.  A guy named Iceman has some super bright LED's for $175 that I may get one day that are brighter but for now this will have to do.

I have a friend that lives in Clearwater that just bought a 2000 Busa so I will be going south this fall when my beach service ends.  Maybe we can all get together and ride.  My friend with the 02 ZX12 will go with me...he is in the process of putting a big bore kit that should put him at 190hp.  He got tired of getting beat on roll-ons...I guess that means I need to spend more money for some cams!!!!  Never ends.