Help with Undertail


Hey guys,

there are 3 wires that come out of the 2004 busa taillight section -- one is brown, one is black w/ white stripe, and one is white w/ black stripe.

I'm having a hard time getting the LED's to light up when I apply the brakes. ... The taillight is working, the turning signals are working, but no brake light.

Any ideaas?

Thanks so much

Led's are polarity sensitive! There has to be a ground some where. Brown for running/tail, black&white-white/black neg?
I have pictures of how mine is wired. I will upload them later when I get them off my phone. But for the meantime, this will help you get the basic's wired up.

Hope this helps
WOW!! Thanks alot guys -- i heard from a local bikeshop owner (auth. Suzuki dealer) that this site was great for busa owners -- you two proved it today!!

V8N3T--- AMAZING instructions--- just wish I had them 3 days earlier before I started my hack job! HAHA!  Naw, it looks alright I guess -- I tried using a special saw thing (like a drummel) with a flexible shaft and realized at the end using a hand saw would have made it way nicer and easier.

ON a side note -- I have a hard time believeing that 6 lousy plastic rivet thingies are gonna hold that undertail on when I'm coming down from a nice mile long stand up!  I guess we'll have to see.

Thanks again!