Top gun undertail  -  HELP!!!!


All right, my top gun undertail finaly arrived last week. I wired the brake lights as a best guess from S.K.'s sight. Here are his directions:

"Here is how to hook the wires up for the tail lights.

Stock White with black stripe to undertail Red wires

Stock solid brown wire to undertail Black wires

Stock Black with white stripe to undertail Black with white stripe"

First problem. The wires on the new Top Gun are red, black and yellow.

So I went: brown (stock) to both black, white w/black stripe (stock) to both red, and black with white stripe (stock) to yellow. I wired this into the stock wiring plug for easy removal. What did I do wrong?

Hopefully I will be able to post a couple of pics by Sunday afternoon. If not, next weekend they will be back from developing. I'll have to scan a couple in for all to see. She should at least be unique.

Thanks for all the help,

HEY Tree, Cannot really help much but just wanted to say howdy...
Someone posted a link to a Top Gun wiring page but I have no idea where it'd be. I doubt the search engine would be of much help. It rarely is. You could try, though. Maybe someone who knows where it is will see this thread and respond...
hope that helps.. and good luck
That is the page where I went. His wiring instructions are in my original post.

It may be because my front end is off and things are unplugged there. I am hoping this is the case. I realy don't want to break down the wires and re-solder every thing again.


Bro, buy a test light and just figure it out. Thats what I did with my top gun. The brakelight is the only complicated one, with three wires. One being ground, other being running light, and other being brake light.
Blinkers just have a ground and a hot wire.

Unplug your brake light.
Stick the clamp on your test light the the ground battery terminal.
Stick the pointed end of the test light into one of the 3 connecters.
If nothing happens, it is the ground.
If the light comes on, it is the running light.
If it only comes on when you hit the brake, it is the brake light.

Unplug your blinkers.
Blinkers will only have 2 options.
Blinking light if it blinks
Its the ground if nothing happens.

Just be sure that you dont wire it backwards so when the left blinker is turned on the left one blinks etc.

I am unsure of the colors of your Topgun, because I did the Libertek LEDs on my TG, or I could make it alot more simple then this. I would guess that the black on the TG is ground, the red is running light, and yellow is brake light. But that is purely speculation. If you wire it up like that and it doesn't work let me know.

Also if my memory serves me correctly, the white with black stripe on my busa was the ground wire on the brakes and blinkers. But it has been a few months I have slept since then.

Email me/PM me if you have any other questions.

So did you figure out how to wire it? I'm installing mine now and it would be very helpful if I knew exactly how the wires should connect. Thanks.