Treyyoung & Lankeeyankee Grinding some pucks

Well after reading Treys side of the ride story from today I thought I may add my version...... Its been a while since I have rode with Trey and he is one of the very few I trust. He has always welcomed me on his Nashville Meetup group rides but I am not in to riding with people I dont know even more so in large groups.
The time has come and we arranged to meet Saturday morning. I rode 50+ miles to meet. We headed out from Crackerbarrel early 8am to head to some of Treys stomping puck grinding roads. Trey was leading on a 2 lane back road posted speed limit of 30-45 mph. I dont know how fast we were going I was just keeping up since I didnt know the roads and didnt want to get lost. I will say I was mostly in 3rd gear pulling 6500-8000 rpms how ever fast that is on a +3 GenII. Its a nice early Saturday morning and we passed some people out working in there yard on a nice peaceful weekend morning. none of them waved or smiled for some reason :dunno: Maybe should have done some wheelies I dont know... Anayways as we are cruising along minding our own buisness trey decides to stop in at a convientant store. I notice a po po parked staring at our bikes not sure if he admiring them or if he watching every move we make, I think back and know that we didnt pass any PoPo so we are good no problems. Trey parks and I back in noticing the popo is now moving towards us to maybe want an autograph :dunno: since it is a White Busa I expect these things but NOPE,, Trey walks over to him and the cops starts talking well now this cop is taking my time!:banghead: Not for a few seconds but his mouth is moving a mile a minute so I walk over as I am unstrappiing my helmet and realize this isnt a real friendly ossifur, So I ask whats the problem?? Cop says had phone calls you were traveling at a high rate of speed,,, I came real close to asking Since when are civilians trained in speed calculations, I didnt want to embarasses trey but I mumbled mind your own buisness he asks for our license and yaddda yadda yadda. walked away after he handed it back.
We continued on as Trey said lets take it easy since they may be set up down the road, I was like yeah ok your leading I am just a tail gunner today.. Well that lasted 2-3 miles cause Trey must have seen a sign that read Welcome To Barber Motorsports track as he started dipping into turns and dragging knees making Team Geazer Jelous.
We rode the damn around centerhill lake enjoying the long 80 mph puck dragging turns which were awesome.. These turns you were able to drag the puck 70% thru the turn :thumbsup:..
Had a great ride as usual with Trey and both of us went home with purtee body parts and no engine problems till the next time. Trey you need to come out to my neck of the woods and ride. I promise no Popo harrassment. :beerchug:


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pack mule

formerly known as rtgt
:thumbsup: Hate I missed you on your trip to the NC mountains this spring, hope we can get together again:thumbsup:
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