Headed to a funeral for a great young boy...


Dis in my way!
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Gonna be a tough afternoon watching my pastor from church perform the funeral for his son.... This is the toughest man I have ever seen.... He was there with Trey as he died and is going to do the service.. Regardless if you go to church or anything spiritual you have to admit this would be hard for any of us to experience...

Obituary For: Trey Robert Freeman | Wilson-Little Funeral Home
So sad, Prayers for everyone to have as little pain as possible. :please:
So incredibly heartbreaking :down:

Trey's family and friends are in my thoughts :(

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No parent should ever have to perform services for their child, prayers coming.
So sad. Heartbreaking when some one so young......... I wonder why things like this happen too so many children.
Man I'm tellin ya it's hard to be a dad and be there to see the grief. I just can't imagine being Trey's dad who was there holding his son as he passed away and then to stand up in front of 2500 people and perform the funeral service.. I don't care how tough anyone was, not a dry eye in the place... Proud to call Trey's dad my friend....
Faith! the man has faith.
i lost mine for a few years, after i lost my Daughter Kira in 2004.
there is no way i could have done the services for her.
when you loose a child it tears your life apart.

i feel for him and his family. they have a rough few years ahead of them