Top Gear; Stig revealed


"The Stig" is played by many drivers not just one in the show. Sometimes hes a bigger guy sometimes hes short and skinny. :whistle:


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Yeah, I just thought it was funny, at the end of the show he almost crashed like he didn't know what turn was next. You are right though, there are a lot of different size people that play the Stig.

Still was an entertaining show and a good way to get Michael Schumacher on there.


Supposedly they claimed it was MS because he was the only one Ferrari would permit to drive the FFX around the track.


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The Stig for a long time was a driver named Ben Collins. He did the stunt work for the last James Bond film. Not MS. Great show though!


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i heard the same rumor about the fxx. you know he's got his own personal FXX, black on black if memory serves.


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"The Stig" is played by many drivers not just one in the show. Sometimes hes a bigger guy sometimes hes short and skinny. :whistle:
My favorites were "Rig Stig" and the "American Stig" those guys were pushin 300lbs. Hardly a typical "racing car driver" as Hammond would say. But IMO the Stig is actually Capt. Slow, James May:rofl:


but, I am the Stig....
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