Too much oil?


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I changed my oil/filter yesterday and added 4 quarts back into the engine. Now when the bike is hot and standing straight up the entire sight glass is full. I am pretty sure all the old oil drained out. Is this going to cause a problem or not?
It just seems that I am loosing a little bit of power. I only think this because my tire is spinning less....Could just be the temp today, but who knows. I usually use amsoil also, but they were out and I had to go with the valvoline high rpm 4stroke motorcycle oil.
You went from a full synthetic back to a Dino oil and noticed a power loss

It's ok if the oil is at the top of the glass
I have used amsoil in all my other bikes, but this was the first oil change for this busa. I had to change it, I was WAY OVERDUE for my first oil change. I plan on getting this oil out soon, just wanted to have some fresh oil/filter in for our meetNgreet ride next weekend.
Keep using the 4 qts.Under heavy accelleration,the oil moves away from the pickup UNLESS you have a billet ban with a swinging pickup.
3.7 quarts is never enough. I always end up topping off with the rest of that fourth quart.

Remember to double check the oil level the next day, too, just to be sure.

Also, if you have it WAY too full (which seems unlikely), you can carefully loosen the drain plug and drain a little out. Just don't pull the plug all the way away from the threads at the last moment and you can just let a little squeeze past and then quickly rethread it in there! Takes a little finesse but it isn't too bad.

Thanks for reassuring myself that it will be ok. Everytime I change my oil I get that feeling that I didn't do something right.