Where did my oil go?

darth frosty

Just changed my oil yesterday, today when I got home from work, I finished putting on my hid kit and the steering dampner. I check the oil sight glass and it is barely showing low. I put 4 qts in and changed the filter. everything is tight and there is no sign of leekage. So, what happened to my oil ?
When you are checking, is the engine warm? Is the bike level side-to-side?
At first it was on the kick stand than I put the trex stand under the rear and finished the hid job afterward still no change in the sight glass. The oil level is barely noticeable at the low mark.
Pull it off the stand; make sure it is on a level surface.

When you check the oil, ideally, the engine/oil will be at normal operating temperature and the bike will have 'rested' for about 5 mins. From the right side of the bike, grab a handful of front brake and while holding the brake/throttle and the rear of the bike, balance the bike so it is level from side-to-side. Then bend down and look at the sight glass.

If it is up on the rear stand, it will look low. If it's not level side-to-side it will affect the reading.
Thanx O, I will try that tommorow. right now time to crash.
(darth frosty @ Jul. 01 2007,22:21) Thanx O, I will try that tommorow.  right now time to crash.
You going riding with CrashTestDanny now? MAke sure to take a camera with you
If you put it on a rear stand. Add the front stand to level it off.
I was told if you put a new oil filter on you actualy need to add a little more than 4 qts., because the filter fills up with oil.
You shouldn't even need 4 full quarts. Check it like omslaw said and you should be good. I wouldn't add any more.
I've changed my oil and filter numerous times and never used a full 4 quarts.
(kennym4 @ Jul. 02 2007,05:16) I was told if you put a new oil filter on you actualy need to add a little more than 4 qts., because the filter fills up with oil.

You've got to crank it up for a couple of seconds to let the filter fill.....then level off
whats weird for me is, after 2500-3000 miles, ill change the oil.. and when it drains, i get maybe... 3 qts out of it. yet i put 4 qts in everytime i change oil. and yet there no oil leak, burning/smoke, ect.
Ok I topped it off this morning. I needed to put like 1/4 of a quart in, took it for a spin proped a book up under the kickstand to level it out and the sight glass is perfect. Thanx for all the input.
Dude! Be the bike! Have it on its side stand,, go around to the right side and get in a 'feet shoulder wide' position. Grab the handle bar with your right hand left hand on the seat for stability until you get to know this feeling,,,, lean the bike toward you to level and squat to read the window!

You going to take that book with you when you ride?
Mine has always taken the full 4 quarts. I have no idea why.

Maybe because it's the fastest color.....

When OIl gets hot, it thins out almost like water!, Anyone want to debate here using cheap inexpensive brand name oil is the culprit here in these situations??? , not perhaps specifically this case but in most when u are burning oil and losing a quart. Oil is everything, pay the $$ and get the good stuff, dont splurge when it comes to the life blood of your engine.