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Just wondering who here uses the solo seat or the double? Some folks say they the hump is ugly. I switch em back & forth, I like the look either way.
I hate the rear seat 'look'. The seat has been on two days in the past two years.
when the girlfriend is with its the corbin. Otherwise its the hump for me. I personally like the look of the hump.
the only time I use the seat is when I know I will be givin a girl a ride or the girlfriend is with me.(that sounded bad didnt it?)

other than that, the hump is the only way to go, I just wish that the lock was located in a different place, kinda kills the amout of storage you have, dont you think? If the lock was just a little bit more to the rear of the bike, you could use all the storage there is(which still isnt that much but its better than nothing.
I have never had the passenger seat on even one time. It's still sitting in the cardboard box that in came in from the dealer.

It's the camel hump all the way for me, baby.
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If i were you i would only put the hump on when you know (or perhaps want to ) have a passenger. I personally perfer the hump because it "flows" with the bike.
To each his own I guess I have never had the hump on I have second look seat skins and love the look of the seats
Seat only for passengers! Since I don't take any its the Solo hump for me!!!

Marc "Howlin Mad"
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The only time I had the hump on was the day I wreaked. I'm not sure if this is the case or not but I think that there is a chance that I may have come out a little better off without it installed. The tree pulled my off the bike and if I didn't have the hump on I may have fallen off easier. I may use it again but I'm not sure. However I do like the looks of it.
I use both, i am just in the middle of modding the grab handle so I can leave on all the time. I'll send a pic when it's done. Very cool....

The first thing I did when I got my new bike home was to take the hump off. I commute back and forth to work every day and I carry a bag on the seat. I haven't had the hump on since Oct last year. I wish someone would come up with a piece of luggage that would slip in like the seat and hump and use the grab bar bolt holes to fasten it down. I've seen beetle bags (
, and I didn't like anything else I've see so far. I guess if you want something done....
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SirUk post those pics when you get it done I would love to see them I like the grab handle and maybe some info on how you did it . When I had my 1100 I tried to come up with a child seat for my little girl to go where the seat did . Man my girlfriend had a cow :argue: She road in front of me until she got so tall the helmet hit me in the chin. I would strap her to me with the helmet net when she first started riding on back. Now she is 8 and she is a great passenger. Dont get me wrong we dont go far . Just for an ice cream or to McDonalds or to drop her off at school. You should see her smile when all the kids run up and ask about the bike. She says "How do you like MY new bike" So I asked her when she was going to make a payment hehehe
. I think I am going to have my grab bar coated blue I think it would look cool on my 2000 blue silver has anyone done this ??????
I like the hump and the grab at the same time. I modified my hump so it will mount with grab bar. All I did was notch out the hump were the grab bar mounts to the frame. The plastic is soft, first I cut the notches with a small pneumatic cutting  wheel and then cleaned it up with a shrap utility knife. Easy to do, only took 20min. I take some pictures and get them posted.  
Hump for me. Looks faster and more purpose built in my opinion.

Seat was off and hump on w/in the first 15 minutes of getting her home.

The seat probably has cobwebs on it by now.
seat hump only for me!!!  i think it looks sleek!!!!  the bike looks totally different with the rear seat on...  people who don't really like the look of the BUSA say the hump is ugly..  i just say they are HATERS!!!!!  
i'm versatile. I like the look of the hump because it makes the bike look sleeker. But whats the need in having a sleek looking chick magnet if you can't pick the chick up??? So therefore it all depends on my mood. If its one of those days i want to be alone then its definitely just the hump, if its a "hunting day" the seat is on. I'm doing the hump mood this weekend to make life easier.

AS for painting the grab bar, i had mine chromed. Sometime this fall when i finish chroming the bike out i'll post some pics of the completed project.....
Humpty Hump for me I made mods so the grab bar is on all of the time 2secs to put on the pilon.Gas,Grass or ass no one rides free.
I am all about the hump, but unfortunately I have to keep the seat on a) in case a beautiful girl has her own helmet and needs a ride.... or b) in case someone I am riding with has mechanical problems or bins it (riding at Deal's Gap see's a lot of option "b").
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JETSET, how did you do your mod for the grab handle?

Haven't got round to doing mine yet ,but I've just got the grab rail back!!


Looks like the humps have it! Allright thanx for your inputs.

or did I mention my wife makes me ride w/ it, so I dont pick up any shapely passengers.

Nah just kiddin