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If this happened like it appears, this guy did what I, and any other Father, would/should have done...
He should be released and given a reward for Father of the year...
Again, if the guy molested the child...
If not, oops...
The future of punishment for anyone hurting children.
Sad part is that no one will ever find out if he was guilty or not, and now a little girl doesn't have a Dad to watch over her...sad story all the way around
If this was 1806 all would be cool...... but it ain't!

If I had a daughter and she was molested by some scumbag..... he's goin' down!!!!

B R A V O ! ! ! ! !
If we had the death penalty for child rape, you'd see a dramatic drop of "john mark karr" cases....
So how did the guy even get "around" the two year old?
Makes no sense...................

If he did do it, he got what he deserved, a blade in the gut.
F-Yeah! <span style='color:red'>All child predators should be killed before they abuse another innocent victim</span>.

Stabbing is a very intimate way of killing someone; up close and personal to say the least. The look in that scumbags' eyes must have brought a devlish smile to the Dad's face. Although it's sad that he chose to take matters into his own hands, I'm sure if we start a pole we'd find that many people would consider doing the same thing under similar circumstances.

I truly hope he has the means to hire himself a dreamteam and gets acquitted for his daughters' sake.
spkerhed please delete your above post.  If something did happent between you and he, your statements would make it premeditated.  Silence on some things is golden.

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