Thinking of buying Xena Disc alarm


I am thinking of purchasing a Disc Alarm, because of the simplicity of the system, no cutting into wire harness, no modifications to bike. I do not want to shell out a lot of money, and spend hours trying to figure out wiring for an alarm system. Looking for something simple that works.

Has anyone tried Disc Alarm systems? Any Comments good or bad!

I've got a Xena XN18. Nice solid lock, VERY heavy duty... something like a 14mm pin.

The alarm definitely works, nice, piercing sound. I don;t think it's quite as loud as I would like for it to be (the piezo is behind a metal plate with a hole drilled in it, so it's muffled a touch), but it's definitely good for alerting people around when it goes off (found that out the hard way.) ;)

It responds not only to being removed, but to shock and even loud sounds (though that may be more the vibration affecting the shock sensor than anything else). Operates on a pack of six watch batteries in a little holder (kinda nifty setup actually) that is included, and the battteries last about nine months or so with regular use.

To get to the batteries, you have to use an allen wrench(included), and the way it's set up, you can't even access it when the lock is on the bike so the alarm can't be disabled once it is engaged. Really nice design.

I'm going to get myself a Scorpio alarm soon, but the Xena is really nice for what it is, especially if you're not wanting to shell out the $300 or so and worry about installation and all. For what you're looking for especially, I'd give it a thumbs up.
I use one with my scorpio... they are both pretty loud but the xena was the primary "alarm" for mine for the first 2yrs and it gets folks attention. Its something about that kinda noise coming from where folks least expect it that makes them pay attention to it... kinda like the perm. sensor beeps from the scorpio, folks are like WTF was that when they walk by it .... good $50ish investment if I recall the price correctly
oh and btw, fwiw, the scorpio only takes about 2hrs to install ... the hardest part is figurin out where you wanna mount it and how to run the wires .... oh yeah and taking the tail section off the bike, otherwise its an easy install.
The problem I have with my Xena disk lock is the Ball on the lock needs to be depressed when you mount it on the rotor. The problem I have is that the ball falls into one of the holes in the rotor which will set the alarm off. I ended up removing the batteries and just relying on my pager alarm.
I have this one , XM14

I'm pretty happy with them, very noise, and with no alterations to the bike.  
i used the 14 too, but now i have the scorpio...oh sooo daum nice. if your gonna worry get the scorpio. i sleep so good at night now