Stupid is as stupid does


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Don't know if this is a repost or not...Darwin at work. I don't know if this rider knows that Death breathed on him....



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I think Bozo the bad decision clown blew on him first...hope he made it out of that mess. After a couple of more painful viewings it looks like the car he hit signaled to move over and then either didn't or changed it's mind.


WTF was he doing????

That gear indicator/delimiter sure looked sweet though! Gotta get one of those.

Htown Busa

That guy/gal was really lucky they didn't hit the oncoming car. Why would he ride the line knowing that oncoming traffic in coming. I hope he got his leg up from under because if the fairing came off like that, it was a hard fall on the pavement.


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I have absolutely no sympathy for that guy!

Hopefully he survived but if he is laying around cursing, nursing multiple broken bones, I say "So be it"!


My Blood pressure just went up, this just really scares me..He just has no respect for his life, or others.. A Lot of that here in Florida..Makes me sick.. He is a FOOL, total JACK@ss.. I would have no problem telling him that to his FACE, Or ANY RIDER who drives like that.. Trust me !!! If I get flamed, I don't CARE ! I will win the SPEED Issue !! I'm sure this wasn't a ORG rider, The Org riders no better....


That guy/gal was really lucky they didn't hit the oncoming car. Why would he ride the line knowing that oncoming traffic in coming. I hope he got his leg up from under because if the fairing came off like that, it was a hard fall on the pavement.
The front fairing came off because the bike hit the second on-coming car. It looks to me like he would have been off the bike near the rear tire of the grey car that he tapped initially.
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