Stolen Bike!!!

After having my '00 Busa stolen last July, I went out and bought $150 worth of Kryptonite chains and locks to protect my new GSXR 1000...

Was out of town for one day, and came home on 5/28/03 to find a link cut and the Gixxer GONE!!!

So, if you are using a New York Noose to protect your baby, see the attached picture as a warning...

There was a blue Hayabusa sharing my parking spot with a Cobra Link, and they hardly made a dent in it when they tried to cut it... I'll post a picture of it if anyone is interested...

Oh, I forgot to mention, if anyone is in the Houston, TX area and has had a bike stolen in the last couple of years, PM me - I have a couple of names and I would like to compare notes.

And, here's a picture of the Cobra Link that saved the Busa parked next to my Gixxer.


That sucks big. I hope they find it and hang the guy out to dry. Have you contacted Kryptonite yet I think they offer some kind of $$ help.
I wrote Kryptonite from their website and sent pics... No word back yet, though. I did not register the warranty cards like you are supposed to, so I'll have to see what they say...
Sorry to hear that man, I am always nervous everytime I have to leave it out. What is a Cobra link? do you have a website? It sounds like a good lock.
I posted a warning on the R1 forum (anyone know why hasn't been up for a couple of days?), and asked if anyone knew what it was in the picture... One of the guys said it was a Cobra Link...
The Cobra has its downside as well but I won't mention them here we want to keep the honest people honest.Sorry about your bike.They know who you are.try renting a storage place or garage.Don't let them see your new bike if you get one it will only be a matter of time its the same fools.


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Sorry to hear about your loss man, I was just recommending the Kryptonite NY chain to a guy in this forum...Whoops.  Good to know.  

We need to put our heads together and develop a pepper-spray alarm system, you get an audible warning, then FOOMP, OC/CS Fogger kicks in...

Sometimes working where I work has advantages.  On site armed security, cameras, gates, and motion detectors... It's safer here at work than at home in the Garage I'll bet.
I had kept the Gixxer at a hangar down at a very secure airport down south of Houston for about a year, and when I moved to this apartment, it "looked" safe... I figured that with the locks and chains, I had it made... They are a pain to have to put on, but so is driving 30 minutes to get to the bike just to take it out for a ride...

I like the idea of the pepper spray and alarm... How about GPS and cell phone to send the coordinates of the bike back to the owner's cell phone? That way, you and a dozen or so of your biggest, baddest, and maddest buds can show up at the thief's location and recover the bike and do whatever else needs to be done (or I guess you could call the police...).


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Gixxpilot, Nah Bro, Call the police after you get the GPS coordinates and pay em a little visit...that way you get to take out some frustrations...
Once saw this clip of a car with a "special" alarm. As soon as you tinkered with it ... Wooosh ... 10 foot flames from under the doors ... Looked kinda painfull ...

But I like the pepperspray idea. If it ever goes of for no reason no harms done ... But after one usage, how will you ever get the bike to smell like a bike again ...
I'm kinda with JetSet with not divulging the weaknesses of something that seems to work pretty well...

If you've got an example of a failure, I would like to see that, but anything you do is going to have some type of weakness...

I was looking on the Web at other solutions, and came across Looks like they've got some good products from Abus... Says the Cobralink is good, but the Abus chain is better... I guess if you spend $500 on chains and locks, and put one on the front and back you'll at least slow them down...

Check out the Cobralink deal that goes on the floor... It looks pretty cool.
Something tells me they would have got through that cobra, if they felt they had enough time. perhaps the chrome was too slippery for whatever they used to cut. I doubt it's hacksaws but rather power cutters, electric weld-style cutters. I've seen some of these things cut through metal like it was paper.

I would think that a lock and something with a loud alarm or alarm-to-pager would be better served here. Not sure what to suggest for that. I can't imagine how bummed out you are to lose your bike like this. Hope insurance can help, but it never pays what a new bike costs. My condolences.
You are right... Given the time, they'll get through whatever you put on it...

I am looking at the currently available pager alarms, and the GPS/cellular tracking devices... There are a few things that look to be available now that would page you, then you could hit the Internet and track the location...

Problem is, alarm, transmitter, etc. will cost $500 - $1000, and then require a subscription to track it...

Anyone ever seen these systems in action?

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