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This could come in handy

For a motorcyclist, there's no feeling worse than the one you get when your beloved bike goes missing. With one motorcycle being stolen every 7.5 minutes for a total of over 70,000 per year in the United States alone, there are a lot of unhappy motorcyclists out there! is dedicated to providing a resource for anyone whose had a bike stolen, or is about to purchase a used bike and wants to make sure they're not purchasing a stolen motorcycle.

If you've had a motorcycle or ATV stolen, register it with us now, for free. Your bike's listing will immediately be made available to anyone searching's database for stolen motorycles.

If you're about to purchase a used motorcycle or ATV, you can search's database by VIN (Vehicle Identification Number) now to ensure that the bike you're looking at hasn't been registered as a stolen motorcycle on
Could work out for someone in need.

It could also be a scam to collect info on bike owners.