Hot Parts?


Let me start this thread like this, "Thieves SUCK!"  I just finished reading two more threads about bike thiefts; a brand new Busa, and a nearly brand new FJR1300 both lifted.  Most everyone gets pissed off when they hear about a bike being stolen (except the theives of course).  Unfortunately the honest people end up paying for it (higher insurance rates).

Seems like I'm reading about at least one Busa a month being stolen (sometimes more).  Where do you think these bikes are going?  I'd like to think the VIN numbers keep some of these thieves from re-title/registering them, although I suppose that's possible too.  I figure more than likely they are sold for parts, end up at the track, or both.

Does anyone know if there's a way to identify parts such as wheels, fairing pieces and such that may belong to a hot bike?  It sure would be nice if there was.  I'd love to see cops nail some of these thieves when they post the stolen parts.  

If there's no identifying numbers to major parts, perhaps we should consider marking our bike components ourselves with small ID numbers?

I'm sure there's ligit reasons to see brand new Busa rims and fairing sets for sale, but it always makes me wonder whether these parts are hot.

I wonder if it would help if there if there was a special "Stolen!" category on this website that could be used by members to post detailed information about their stolen bikes; VIN, Color(s), identifying mods, year, Date stolen, location stolen from, etc.  Then have the website coordinate between the Stolen list and the For Sale list to flag potential hot items.  It's not a fool-proof system I know, but it might be a start.  

Anyone think this might be a good idea?
I don't think there are any vin or other numbers on any of the sellable parts.

Thats a good idea marking the parts. It may act as a theft deterent if the theif knew the parts were marked. Kind of like acid etching the vin number on some car windows. Makes them kind of hard to sell.

There are only two parts of a bike that have a ID number of any kind. There is no way to tell where other parts came from, unless it has a distinguishing mark, and the owner recognizes it. Many parts end up at the track, or on ebay for sale, there is no way to catch these thieves, all you can do is protect your investment, and dicuss suspicious sales with other bike owners. If it sounds too good to be true, it prolly is.