Starter Clutch URGENT PLEASE HELP!!?


Being new to the busa I noticed a significant crack and clanking noise on starting her up the other day. No problems before this so put it down to a charecterisitc of the bike.

After doing some research came across this info on this board:-
"The first busa I bought was a used (640 mi) silver/grey 2002. Second day I had her the starter ground down to powder and cracked the case. I got lucky and the owner gave a a brand new 2002 black/blue off the showroom floor for 200 dollars more. Now I work for Tucson Motorsports and I get the inside poop. There is a recall for the starter clutch in the 2002 busa. If any of you have noticed a significant "clunk" when trying to start your 2002 busa. Be very careful. What is happening is the compression being so high, the starter is being turned backwards when you are trying to turn it forwards. I have all the parts ordered on a repair order free of charge from suzuki. You can do the same. Go to your dealer and tell them that sometimes when you start her that you hear and feel a big "clunk" like the starter is being thrown backwards and that you have heard there is a recall on the starter clutch of the 2002 busa. They will order all new parts including the starter to fix this problem. The 2003 has a starter gear 3 times as massive and incorporates a torque limiter so if the engine tries to shoot backwards the starter clutch wil slip instead of cracking the casing. I think captain should pin this to the top for a time so it does not get buried in the threads.


I can post the exact numbers of the recall and every part needed to be replaced if anyone has some problem with their dealer." and "I just started the busa, and again "clunk" , back pressure. Now I have a noise inside like that sound of a loos chain. Hope my parts arrive soon. Dont think she couls take too much more kickbacks.

My dealership is NOT sending to the customers. They are however sending notices and giving the customer the option.

I recommend that even if you do not hear the noise, have your vin checked at your local dealership to see if you have the K2 starter and statrer clutch.

I would recommend saying that you heard it on the board here and you should say:

"come to think of it, mine has done that once or twice and never gave it much thought. But if it does go out it could ruin the case and other parts not to mention being stranded somewhere>" Demand that yours be replaced.

I will scan the recall notice tomorrow and post it here so you can see the parts list and see the difference between the old and new..

K. " and also, "Suzuki service Bulletin GSXR NO 126 Dated 12/10/2002. This is for the Hayabusa.
MODEL: GSX1300R HAYABUSA 1999 through 2002.

Starter idler gear No. 1 is changed to a starter Limiter idler gear. This is like the setup on the DR-Z400E [Big bore dirt bike] No longer needed are the stock washers, bearing, and pin for the idler gear.[new # for the pin]

The starter motor is changed, looks like the shaft is longer.

Both of the starter covers are changed, for more room.

So it looks like the starter clutch has been changed for 2003, but NOT INTERCHANGABLE WITH THE 99-02.
So are you saying there is a recall on the 02 only not this service bulletin concerning 99-02 years Our understanding was that it is a customer pays unless it fragged under warranty? Am I wrong on this? ".

Sorry for all this but I feel absolutely pissed off. Just bought the bike 2 weeks ago and I took it back to Riossi(oh by the way it's a 2002 with on the clock 2500). Since it was just under warranty I thought I could get it done. The lad had a look and showed me it was the starter cog?? It moved backwards when it should only be going forwards (clockwise). He said this is whats causing the banging from the pressure. He reasurred me that it wouldn't be a major problem?!

After which I spoke to the girl behind the counter to order the starter clutch under warranty?!? Just so happen to have the info that I included in this message. She looked through all the bulletins, nothing was found! Phoned Suzuki UK they knew nothing about it! So she faxed the info to suzuki and they said since it's not an official recall and this is the first they knew about(no-one has complained before).They will not sanction a full starter motor replacement! Only the starter clutch!

The bike will not start now just a spinning, no engagement!

Since the warranty runs out in april what is there to prevent this happening again when they fit the same sub-standard clutch, albeit new? Then having to fork out god knows what for a new starter assembly when it wrecks the bike after the warranty runs out?! Surely, they should replace the full assembly for the 2003 starter like K mentioned in the aforementioned post?

Anyone else in the UK had this prob? Or am I isolated as the woman in Riossi believes?

Is there a way to get it started, since I have to get it to the dealer? Wish I kept the bandit 12 now!

Thanks for your help in advance



You did not say what year your Busa was or if it was still under warranty. If your bike is still under warranty, it should not be a problem to have the problem corrected. If your out of the warranty period, it may be a problem.

I have an '02 Busa and experianced the same problem you are having. It started out with a loud clank when the starter gear would disengage. Then it led up to the starter not engaging at all, just spinning. Had the starter repaired under warranty.

- Make sure your battery is fully charged.
- When engaging the starter, hold the button in for 5 sec.
- Wait 5 sec. before attempting another start.


I thought I mentioned that I was still under warranty until april of this year. My main concern is that they stated that they will not replace with a 2003 starter clutch?! Which gets me thinking will this happen again, especially after my warranty runs out?

Thanks for your help, Puck



I went to my dealer and showed them the same internet post. They told me they were not aware of any service bulletin or recall on the starter.

When I asked about installing the '03 starter parts I was told that they just order the part numbers that are listed for the year and model of the bike and if there is an upgrade to the parts, Suzuki would ship those parts. They shipped the '02 parts...

If you want to spend the extra money yourself, you can go to Hayabusazone and order a heavy duty starter gear "$189". This will prevent the kick back problem.

Good Luck...


Can I ask the significance o keeping the battery topped up? Why is it this as never happened in other bikes I have had?
Is there a battery out there that is more heavy-duty that can be used on the busa?
When did you have yours fitted, puck and have u had any probs since?



Be careful, I have an '02 Black SE and it never made any noise before the day it broke. It left me stranded in the Boston expressway at 5:00PM on a Friday

I took to the dealership and they had another '02 with the problem. The fixed them with no questions and no charges (love warranty).
Back then, the dealer nor the distributor had any knowledge of any recalls or bulletins on this issue.

my $0.02



It broke! very badly. The engine case shattered completely to the point that the starter would not engage properly. The problem I have is identical to some of the descriptions I read about in this post as well as the remedy Suzuki has implemented was the same that was done to my bike. Imagine 5:00PM stranded on a motorcycle in Boston's expressway which has no breakdown lane. Ahh, did I mention on the left lane of the highway?
It took the dealer about two months to repair. I guess that they had an issue dealing with Suzuki or something. The bike is back and seems fine. I can't wait for the weather to warm up.



My local Suzuki dealer said they would fix any Busa starter.
In or out of warranty..Free...he knew of the problem.
Michaels Carson City Nv.


when the case cracks in this instance what cracks? anyone have a picture of the damage?


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Re: Starter Clutch URGENT PLEASE HELP!!?

About time to start it up (!) again then, i just bought a very nice -00 without any problems it was said and a new battery, i get kickbacks everyday and after reading about it here i think it´ll be my last Suzuki if i can get rid of it.


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I put this on:

EXT-00012 Billet Idler Gear

Still having a loud clunk when starting and it´s also clunking when the engine stops, thinking it could be the clutch but everything looks ok under the cover, could this be the cause? Engaging the clutch and turning the inner basket it sounds like smth is loose inside, no idea and i´m about to park it and give up.


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