I have a '02 with 7000 miles and my starter began acting up about a month ago. When attempting to start the bike the starter gear would slip and I would hear a loud clanking sound (not good).  Last week the temp. was in the 70s, went out to start the bike and the starter would not engage, (just spinning up).  My 1-year warranty runs out on Jan. 31st. Took the bike up to the dealer and they found the starter gear was worn. They are replacing the starter gear and clutch pack under warranty.  Word has it that one of the changes for the '03 Busa is a stronger starter gear.

On another board, there is a post talking about Service Bulletin GSXR No. 126.  SUBJECT: STARTER SYSTEM PARTS INTERCHANGE INFORMATION.  MODEL: GSX1300R HAYABUSA 1999 through 2002.  I asked the dealer about any service bulletins and they told me they did not show any bulletins for the '02 Busa. He told me that the part numbers listed for the '02 Busa starter kit did not show an update for the 2003 start kit.

I got the standard internet posting look from the dealer when I showed them the information about service bulletin GSXR NO 126. They have no information on this bulletin.  The dealer started to give me the song and dance story about having an after market pipe and power commander installed on the bike, saying this could have caused the problem. They are going to fix it under warranty.  I think I just lucked out having the problem occur under warranty. If this happend out of warranty, I would be paying to have it fixed.

I will let you know how it turns out.
I would put the after market starter gear on it. My starter stripped and cost big $$$$. The gear is on sale at for $189. If they didn't put a bigger gear on it then it will happen again. You have to do alittle grinding to fit the new gear on but it has alot more contact with the starter.
Here is a list of the parts needed to repair the starter.

012600-24840       Clutch Set, Starter
11491-24F01         Gasket, Starter
11492-24F00         Gasket, Starter ID
09409-06314-5PK  Clip (Black)

The starter was repaired under warranty, so I don't know what the cost of the parts were.

You can check out for the heavy duty starter gear.  If the starter gives me problems again, I will replace the starter gear.
Both Suzuki and the Dealer gave me the run around when I called inquireing about the clutch prblem on my 2002 BUSA ( with 36 miles ), they pretty much told me that they will not fix it untill it breaks down , I could not believe what I was hearing, that I have to be broken down before Suzuki will address a known defect. What to do now?? execpt wait..........
I have a '99 Busa, that is stock standard (apart the 4 - 1 yoshi). I have read around a few places and it seems only bikes that have been "improved on" (tweaked for more Hp) are effected by this starter gear problem. Is it advisable to do to a stock bike ?
I have a 2001 BUSA and it is bone stock. when the odometer turned 9,500 mile the starter made a nasty noise. A buddy told me about the starter/starter clutch problems with these monster engines. I'm now trying to find out my options on fixing it. man hours and so forth. Is the best route the dealer mechanics or a thrid party mechanic?
Just a little FYI...
I had the starting problem. Got my dealer to warranty the starter out. He replaced it (with suzuki permission) with the *upgraded* 2003 model starter. It works fine. Your dealer should warranty this out with you, no problem. Suzuki has authorized this "semi-recall", as they already know about the bad starters in 2002 & earlier.
knock on wood but i have a 00 model with 15k on it and no problems...i was told that it helps if you replace the battery with a deep cycle one and replace the postive and negative wires from the bat to the stater with 4 ga. wires so the starter will get more current. never try to start your bike with a weak will screw your starter up
One thing I can tell you if your running a 1507cc engine that large starter gear will do nothing for you!! Mine broke twice since making the mods.

Also Punk I was curious to know if those are the 2003 model parts your have listed?