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Just wanted to share an email that I received today when I came home from work. This is the exact BS that I get 20 times a week from different people. Is it just me and I am reading something into this? Your thoughts?


I emailed you about a month ago asking when the vids would be up, you said you were having some little problems!!! But it has been a month and you have updated your entire site accept the movies grid, hey man I dont mean to be an ass or anything but let your members know if there going to be up and running soon or if you cannot put them up or whatever. Because this waiting bit is getting really old. Plus if you could tell me where you are trying to recieve your vids from I could just go there and download the f####ng things. I want to here your response, email me back.


My reply :

I don’t think that you understand how this is working.. I host all the servers from my house, I have a T1 that runs all the site, the board, email, and about 21 other websites. When the videos are up where everyone can get to them the bandwidth that I have is being completely saturated by 50 people all trying to download movies at the same time. So when this happens the board, and the rest of the site get really slow and it defeats the purpose. Now I hope that explains the problem a little better. If I have someone else host my website or the movies then I have to pay for it, check with your local ISP and find out what it cost to have a web site hosted that is 5gig and moves over 100gig a month in traffic. Find out what the cost is and I will split it with you !!! Or you can just pay some membership dues towards the circuit. This is a hobby, not a job... I get nothing from you or any other members for my time or my equipment.

Captain, you are right on target. I am shocked when I hear of people complaining about a free site. This site is great and the price is more than fair!!!



Let that crap just roll off of you!! Only in America would people complain about something that is free. I got to have now society!! Capt keep doing what your doing I appreciate it. If no one has told you lately thanks. I could give a #### if the vids are up or not. I am here to talk about and learn about my bike.

Marc "Howlin Mad" :usa:
Guys I assure you that I am not a whiner by any means, I have served my time serving the public, but Damn! Do people really think that Suzuki or someone pays me money to host this thing. Howlin Man you and I have got to hook up some time for a kegger because we seem to think a lot alike. I just wonder sometimes what goes through peoples minds when they send me email like the one posted above. I use you all as sounding boards to make sure that I am not overreacting or that I am not having a mental breakdown and that my hormones or off balance or something. AAAAARRGGGGGGGGG

OK I feel much better ! Thanks guys

Thanks Captain.....Don't take it to serious..lot's of us love this site..just the way it is....Haybusa's are a PASSION..YOU KNOW....yes you know..We appreiciate what you do for US!!
Capt just let me know when to show up and we can throw back a few.

Marc "Howlin Mad" :usa:
I know that I asked you about the videos before and you said that they are in the works. I can accept this, all I do is check the link once and a while. When they're up they're up. No sooner no later. Keep up the good work. Thanks again for the site.
Capt, thanks for all you do. This site is awesome!

Try to have patience while you straighten these guys out. Some times people don't think straight or they may not realize that this is a non-supported site. Hopefully a little slapping around will fix the prob.
Don't let it bother you Capt. This site is fantastic! And you're doing it all with your own equipment that you paid for and program yourself and all for us!? Thanks!!!! Anyone who complains can go elsehwhere as far as I'm concerned. :hammerhead:
You have a great sight here Cap. thanks for all the work ya do... You and I both know when ever ya give something for free there is always someone with their hand out for more. I looked at some of the movies they are ok but not needed in here. This place is about people, the Busa and learning from each other. I say don't worry about the movies thats what I have a TV for! No matter what ya do there will always be people that are not happy with things. Do what makes ya smile and don't worry about the few you can never make happy, they will always be out there. Fix the E mail the way I do when ya get stuff you don't like drag and drop to trash!
I have watched this site grow over time, and I must say you have done a kick ass job.... I was waiting for the part where you would say you were joking about the email (you know Im not the fastest busa in the shed), all I can say, is that guy must have been a Yamaha owner or some thing:flamethrowing::

Keep up the good work, and we need to find a central location for a Busa blow out where all Busa's get together for the weekend or something...
I just joined this site and I thinks it's great! Cap is doing a great job, he could also be doing something else like Hum, riding! Ignore the titty babies.
Cap put up a sign that says vids will be up when I am done riding my bike maybe they will get the clue hehehe I have a complaint to you wont come to my house and fix my bike for me hehehehe Hey I have a complete copy of the Busa manual I downloaded it help me set something up FTP or something and we will give out the password by email some guys can get it from me I leave my server up most of the time and my machine all the time I can set something up through Kazaa or something whatever Just let me know what you think OK