So what do you think I should do? Stop riding for the year or what?

Max Speed

??? Here I set in the hospital for a 3rd day, and I wonder what I should do. Two months ago had leg pain after working hard on my friends property getting on and off a tractor. I thought I pulled something in my leg and never gave it much thought. I flew to Arizona to work on my 93 year old mom's home right right after I got done helping out my friend on his property. A few hours after I got off the plane I started coughing and thought I had a sinus infection.
I stayed in Arizona just over three weeks the cough was bad and I thought I would see my doctor when I got home. A went in to see my doctor a week after I got home and he also thought I has a sinus infection and started me on antibiotics.
It did not clear up and went back to see the doctor two more times and I went through a second round of antibiotics. I went back to see the doctor 3 days ago the cough was still bad, bad enough I would get in coughing fits break into a sweat.
The doctor sent me in for a ct scan and two blood clots were found one in each lung one Im told one is very big. I was sent right to a room in the hospital and treatment was started. Now Im told I will be on blood thinners for then next year maybe longer.
My wife and doctor want me to stop riding, saying with the blood thinners if I was to have an accident I would have a good chance of bleeding to death. I will not lie that thought does scare the hell out of me. I told my wife I would stop riding of the year.
So what do you think? Have any of you been in the same boat? I would like to hear your thoughts or advice... Thanks
My wife takes blood thinners and medication for blood pressure. She rides every chance she gets. This must be a personal decision. Only you can decide.
This is pretty far from the same thing but I was booted from the California Superbike School because of some meds I take so my only choice right now is to go off for 48 hours or miss out. As stated previously. Its a very personal decision.
You can bleed out in any accident, if you hit the right artery, ride and enjoy what you live to do...You won't leave this earth till God has it destined for you too..
You can bleed out in any accident, if you hit the right artery, ride and enjoy what you live to do...You won't leave this earth till God has it destined for you too..

Well said...... A thought I will pass on to my wife...
for me all I need is that gut feeling to stop ridding and I will sell my bikes in a heartbeat, done it before (twice) first unloded a single bike and the second time sold all three just on gut feeling, ultimately its your decision, but think about those that depend on you.
trust me I in the last 6 years I have bought my old bike 4 times some at at loss. But glad to report to still be here...
It's called "Risk Management" which we encounter every time we throw a leg over a bike. You are at the helm and it's your decisions that control your destiny!
Rubb has been in 7 accidents in 7 years.(none my fault). The good lord is either trying to kill me,or keeps letting me live. First one totalled my Busa and me,leaving me with a brain injury,busted knees,foot,8 fugged discs in my back and neck,hands dont work aswell,became an alchoholic for pain management,etc etc. I sold everything I owned that related to bikes and the tools to build them.

Worst mistake I ever made. I came to realize that I am a hard core biker thru and thru. Its in my chemical make up. Its part of my genes.I could never stop riding.The day the arthitis sets in so bad that I cant hold a bike up(that day is not too far off) I will build myself a Busa-Trike.

Had some horrible fuggin times the past few years...but now I'm back.

I will live my life,I will not have life dictated to me.What am I gonna do if I dont ride? Fish? Golf? Join a bridge club? I've tried 20 different hobbies,they all pale in comparrison to riding.Thats how I FEEL anyway.I wish you well Max,whatever your personal choice is.

For Ol' Rubb,it comes down to one old lame ass proverb:

"Better to die on your feet,Than live on your knee's."


I have been on blood thinners for about 8 months, I would have ridden if my leg could bend enough to get on the bike, most courses are only 6 months and you want to get off em as soon as youi can the side effects can be very unpleasant including loss of sex drive, headaches and a sudden very acute tiredness, some jhave hair loss and you may bruise very easily, many things effect your INR (clotting time) you cannot eat lots of things like water melon and cranberries etc and you will prob have your blood tested every 2 weeks at least, good luck and hope you get on OK.
If I was in your shoes, I would not ride. Reason being, the increased risk of dieing from bleeding out, I wouldn't want to put my family through the worry, let alone if it did happen. My father was on a blood thinner and it was a pain to deal with even the smallest nick.
Jay,aren't you a cop? I dont know why I think I remember that,you've been on here a looong time. Anyway my point would be that puttin' the smack down on dirt-bags is way more dangerous than any bike.

You've got to remember I've had a brain injury or 2 so I could be way off base.:cookoo: :laugh:

Wishin' you well...

Definitely a personal decision and choice. If you are riding on controlled areas of a track and can have necessary medical available on site, aware of you medical needs and its something you feel deeply that you need to do, then maybe. Riding in the 5 boroughs or Long Island, nope not a chance. Medical is too far out and while you might not bleed externally you can just as easily bleed out internally.

For me almost 2 years ago I was all suited up, riding out of the neighborhood and got this almost panic attack. Stopped, turned around went home. Went to try and leave and the Busa wouldn't start. I pushed it into the garage and have not riden since. Found out that a freak accident happened right when I would have been going through that area just 3miles from my house. Call it fate or luck or whatever but I have not had the burning urge to mount up and ride. My 4 yr old means more to me than riding, so until that feeling passes the Busa is on a charger and stands.

End of the day you have to be at peace with your choice but so do those you care deeply for in your life. If an elevated risk is there, maybe the break is worth it.
Sorry to hear and hope you get better soon.

That would be a decision only you can make as other folks recommended.

Personally, I was heading in the same kind of direction and about a year ago I took a serious look at my life, went on the Paleo diet, dropped about 20lbs and started road cycling (the ones you pedal) again. Now I try to put in about 12 hours of cycling a week, can again ride with the young guys most of the time and feel as good as I did 30 years ago.

Hope you recover from this, try and get your body back, good health is more important than anything else in life.
I think it comes down to just who are you responsible for? Wife? Kids?

If my doc told me something that serious, I think I'd stop riding until I had this under better control. Nobody can make this decision for you - However, you aren't making it in a vacuum....Best wishes.
"Better to die on your feet,Than live on your knee's."


Damn Rub, I had no idea? I thought you were from Texas (Land of the little wieners and big belt buckles).

I had no idea you were in San Francisco? I am so sorry dude! :laugh:

We all want to ride no matter what so when it's time to take a décison like this one we tend to be a bit selfish i think. Riding knowing that members of the family are worrying about me would take the fun out of it. I would ask them to take the décision and go with that. You could always ride later.