Should i buy one


I have owned a CBR XX for a little over a year now. I looked at the Hayabusa A few days ago. I like the color scheme and the basic set up of the bike. I can get a good price for by Blackbird. I need some advise. I can't ride an RC51 or a GSXR1000 as the ridng position is too aggressive. (It aggravates an old neck injury). On the Blackbird I have a GIVI windscreen and Heli bars. Has nyone set up their bike with these mods, I really like the bike but need to get a little more upright in riding psition.

Great web site.
I am 6 foot 4 tall 260 pounds and I am very comfortable on my Busa I also sat on a GSXR1000 and an R1 both bikes where much too agressive for someone my height my knees hit my elbows. The busa I have a very nice riding position and the only time I get stiff is two up it is still better than my 1100 but if she relaxes on me my neck gets stiff alittle
I swopped my Blackbird for a Busa...To be honest, the Busa seems more comfortable for me...have fitted Zero Gravity DB, and it really does the job.
Can't comment on raised bars..don't like em personally, but to each his/her own.
But....the Busa is a different kettle of fish, when it comes to performance, ya need to take care, when you first get going.
Best of luck.
I looked over both the busa and the blackbird. I choose the Busa. I have a Zero Gravity Sport touring windscreen on the front, and helibars, and i do a lot of 300 mile days. The setup works well for me... The sport touring screens adds 4-5 inches of height to the typical windscreen. The helibars raise the riding position about an 1-1 1/2inches and bring the end of the bars back about 1 5/8 inches. this setup reduces the reach to the bars, raises the bars, as well as reduces the amount of air you neck and shoulders encounter at speed.

Hope this helps
Also you can change the begs if needed to gain another 1 1/2 inches.