Which Bike should I buy?

I myself am a honda fan, that is if I can't get my suzuki. I debated the RC51 mainly b/c it would be fun on twisties. However I rode a friends 929 and 954 and wowie wow wow nice bikes. Oh, with the proper suspension upgrades the SV1000 is a sweet riding bike, now with lower seat height so your sitting in the bike now!
My last bike was a 03 Honda 954rr and I loved it. It was very lo maintenance. Just changed the oil and clean. It cornered like it was on rails and would pull the front up to show off her belly very easy (if you are into that). I loved that bike and would get one at the drop of a dime if I could afford two. Just my $0.02
i second the motion, i also owned an 03 954rr and that bike was a beast, even with  my fat ass it would pick up with me in multiple gears.
I agree....Just sold an 03' 954RR......Nicely built. Trans seemed a bit notchy but overall awesome machine!
Gee maybe just a stock Busa. Leave it alone it will be great. That is what I am going to do as soon as I can.
I'd love ot have a RC51.. pure track bike bliss.. and it sounds like it's gonna rip the pavement uip.