Should I accept this when selling my busa?

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Hi fellow speed freaks! Someone is coming tonight to look at my '08 to buy. I obviously asked for cash but he said he will have a bank check (not a personal check) from his bank. Should I accept this? What has been your experience when selling a bike this way? Also, he has asked if I can leave the license plate on there so he can get it home and then he said he will mail back the plates to me, that way he doesn't have to trailer it home. He said he lives local (DC) and we've spoken about a half dozen times on the phone. He does sound genuine but I'm leery just because I've never sold something this way.

Thanks for your experience and advice! :beerchug:
Tough call. I myself would rather have a personal check. Those certified checks can be created pretty easy from what Ive read. Unless hes bringing a check because hes worried about carrying that much cash it doesn't make sense to me. You can always tell him you need the check to clear before he takes the bike.
I would put the money in your bank and have them do the title at the same can get the markers for bum currency at staples or office out the stack and check it for a few dollars...if the guy is in a super hurry and won't come back that may be a negative sign as well...
man, I just don't know about that. Call the phone number on the bank and verify the funds before you do anything.
Too much fraud and poor intentions out there.. Cash or walk his check to his bank and cash it there...
When I sold mine I called the issuing bank to verify the cashiers check. Cash would be the only way I would hand it over if I couldn't verify funds.
When I sold my sons Firebird I told the guy to write me a check and I would go to his bank and cash it the next day. I told him I would not sell the car out from under him and since I had insurance it was covered. I cashed his check the next morning and told him to come and get his car.. the only way to do it..
I wouldn't do it..... tell him 2 give you a deposit and hold the bike till he can cash the check or whatever it is he needs 2 do. also I wouldn't give him your plate. Any parking tickets or violations will fall back on you
I agree with everyone else. In the past I have done a certified check and then brought it to make bank to make sure it was legit before releasing the vehicle. I would get the guy there and let him see the bike and meet you. Once he sees it and falls in love with it and know that you are a good guy he will wait till you can cash the check in most cases. If not, then he is not the guy to own your bike. you have to be cautious these days. You just never know.
Seller and I went to the bank together & I paid off his loan in cash. Clean.

If he can give you a cashiers check, he can just as easily give you cash.

Sorry man, I wouldn't do it either.
Dude I bought mine from demanded cash and we met at the bank that validated the bills. Now days those wishing to buy should expect this and work with you knowing the risks involved.
On my last purchase we loaded up the bike and went to my bank where I withdrew the cash and handed it over as the bank notarized the bill of sale and title. I had bike and title, he had cash, everyone happy.
The way I handle transactions like this is to accompany the buyer to a branch of his bank and have him withdraw cash. This way I know I'm not dealing with counterfit currency and everyone leaves happy :-)
It's too easy to print your own checks today with software like VersaCheck....and they are actual checks, but it doesn't mean the money is there. I wouldn't risk it. If he has the money in a checking account...he can just as easily withdraw it and give you cash.