I got a call. wouldn't sell.

(hardwork2 @ Oct. 07 2006,05:58) I got a call from a guy who wanted to see my busa. He ask if I'd take 8 grand cash I told him to come see it. The doorbell rings about 30 minutes later and this kid couldn't have been over 18. After a short conversation about riding and what not. I explain to him this wasn't a beginner bike. Therefore, I think his dad should give me a call before I'd take his money. The boy left. Mad as hell.
The  phone rings. Boys dad I explain to him my delima. If he buys this for a first bike He would likely be in 1 of 2 places before monday morning.(hospitol or morgue). The man said "Thank you for not selling it to him he is all I got in the world"Good bye
I'd really like to sell it as my wife might be loosing her job but I didn't want it to go to a beginner. I hope everyone agrees with me.
That was you selling that bike!? You have any idea how mad I was when you wouldn't sell?


Good judgement call in my opinion. Gotta watch out for people who don't know better.
Outstanding. The only thing that kept me from buying a new ZX-11 back when it was the fastest one available was the insurance rate. This was back when I was full of urine and vinegar and feared nothing with wheels. Ticked me off at the time but I thank God now. No doubt I would have been a statistic within a week of getting that thing, if I lasted through the ride home. I wasn't ready for the busa at 33 years old. I know I wasn't ready for anything even close to the ZX-11 back then. I was maybe 19 or 20. Yeah, disaster waiting to happen...

Anyway, good on ya for not grabbin' the loot and sending that kid to his grave, or to a wheelchair or bed for the rest of his life.
His dad ask,I told them a sv-650 would be a great starter bike. that imo smaller than a 650 would become boring after a couple or three months of getting used to riding. Also at highway speeds 250's and 500's are screaming at 65 or 70 mph. And please get good road rash protection and a quality helmet. I explained a comfortable helmet is more incentive to wear it. I hope that my experience with this will inspire others to do the same. Ride safe.
Honorable thing you did.... however, as someone else said, if the kid really wants a busa he's going to just buy from someone else. Hopefully you talked some sense into him. If not.... at least you tried.