Rocky got shot


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Ok, well I think my Father has lost his mind. Were sitting here on a Nice Sunday morning, drinking coffee, and talking about if were going to get him a Busa or a ZX14 once we get the Hammer sold...when all of a sudden he leaps from his chair, runs down stairs, opens the patio door, pulls out his trusty wrist-rocket (umm...Im shocked he hasnt shot himslef with it yet, as the tube is ready to break...ala1970's model)...loads up a paint ball, and from 20 yards out he begins firing paint balls at the Bird-Feeder Terrorist...aka Rocky the Squirrel.

Well, 3 shots later, he wacks Rocky in the Belly & poor little rocky tossed his cookies on the bird feeder from a direct hit from my father to his belly. We were laughing so hard that this damnn Squirrel now has a pink belly, I had to snap a picture and post it up. Not a great picture, as it was a distant shot, but you can see the pink on his belly & poor Rocky trying to figgure out what had just happened 2 minutes prior.

Dad wants to run to FleetFarm and trade in his old Wrist-rocket for a real paintball gun, but I cant let him do it, as he's still on probation with me from his pellet gun incident from early this spring...lmao

Nice shot! We just broke the sling on my wrist rocket at the last camp out shooting beer cans! The cans were in little danger!
And Rocky said Doc it's only a scratch and I'll be better, I'll be better Doc as soon as I am able!
Hahahaha, classic. Good one.

Damn Valium...your dad sounds like my dad. Mine's 65 going on 16, old enough to know better than to pull 99% of the crap he pulls and still too crazy to care. Must be my punishment for terrorizing my parents when I was a kid, turnaround is fair play.
And after the stinging ends, he has to go back to the hang out sporting a pink belly. No nads big enough to overcome that! Ah the ridicule!


Rocky is obviously a stubborn rodent - or we must have some great tasting bird-seed. He was back within a minute, but it was funny as heck...I guess if Dad is ok with pink squirrels running around the neighborhood, and it makes him laugh, well....all I can do is laugh along with him.

Yes things are odd around this house, Have I told anyone about my German Shepherd's issue of Toad Squishing....lmao. Since we cant let the dog chase and kill bunnies anymore, as the neighbor kids get sorta freaked out, we have had to keep the dog on a tie-out when he goes outside...and in frustration of not being able to chase bunnies, he is taking out his urge to kill on the toads that make their way through our yard - trying to make it to the pond....well the Dog has resorted to Toad squishing...I will leave out the details, but I think the dog has a sinister thought process...but I think my father taught him this trick, as the pooch has started to act strange after spending so much time with my father lately...
That is great...You should get him a Paint ball gun for fathers day or something...if nothing else just to sit and watch him blast the squirrls away...