Quandry at work - Poll

So, you have a hot chick sales rep at work

  • It wouldn't bother me one bit - I'm ghey!

    Votes: 1 0.9%
  • I'm a married man, and immune..

    Votes: 13 11.2%
  • Wow she's hot, but I'm going to be professional (while sweating profusely)

    Votes: 44 37.9%
  • Smile real big, and sign whatever contract she wants..

    Votes: 3 2.6%
  • Show her my Busa and ask if she'd like a 'ride' sometime...

    Votes: 55 47.4%

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Ok, guys need you to poll up. I really have the need to share this one...

Today, I got a intercom call to come up front; I was told the new ADT (alarm) rep was up front and wanted an introduction. So I go up front, walk in the hallway, and the girl was STUNNING. Blonde hair, brown eyes, maybe 25. I mean, that catch-your-breath kind of stunning.

So I chat with her a few moments, doing my dead level best to stare squarely at the center of her forehead (so I'm not looking at her nice cleavage and perfect a*s - like two kittens playing under a blanket :whistle:)

Having said that, I AM a happily married man, but jeez, I'm not DEAD (yet - knock on wood).

After she left, my co-workers are giving me hell over it ("I'm calling your wife!"); I told them, go ahead I'm gonna tell her about it anyway!

So, my question is, what would you have done?

P.S. Projekt, when you have time, Ive given you all you need - make something special :)
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work environment=professionalism all the way.

Hard to do that eye level stare i know, but you did the right thing. You get an atta boy button!
Funny part was, I go back to my office, and one of my male coworkers says "What did she look like?" and I said..."your daughter" :rofl:
Be careful the sales women who are "hot" know that they are hot and that we are by and large a bunch of helpless drolling primates when faced with Hootie-hoos in the face.

In Tampa I ended up buying a Large Tektronix printer that WAS needed, but NOT for the money I paid simple cause her low cut top and short skirt was working... I saw nipple when she "reached into her shoulder bag", and it was all over. I was a droolin meat stick.

Could help myself.

So be on guard, remember she's going to use her wiles to her advantage.. That alone helps.

Oh and Pics or it didn't happen.
I work in contract negotiations for an HMO, and DO NOT CLAIM TO BE A HOTTIE, but there is a reason the VP only sends the three of us "ladies" of the department on the road for negotiations and leaves the guys back home in the corporate office. We get more signed, sealed, and delivered contracts this we. Of course he will cough, cough say wear a short skirt, low cut blouse type thing. Some of the women in other departments have asked if he is our pimp. Lol!

P.S. I am a VERY HAPPILY MARRIED Woman with a child! I even have pictures on hand to brag about if things get awkward. :) :) AND I ALWAYS WEAR MY WEDDING RING!
Revlis: kind of hard to say "hang on a sec, can I take your picture, cause my webboard won't believe me when I tell them how hot you were?"

Mrs. Rubbertoburn: I know it, but still can't help but notice. Sex sells, and it's a force of nature, and I'm sure that played into her getting hired in the first place - not sexist; I'm sure she's plenty capable, but the fact that she's stunning surely helps. She had her wedding ring on. Wasn't her fault, or by trying not to act too sexy it just made her hotter. I'm not a pig; I was a gentlemen the entire time, but it was AWKWARD.

Have you EVER seen a homely pharmacutical sales rep?
We had a guy spend a fortune on FIRST AID SUPPLIES one time, same root cause :rofl: I mean we could have opened a mash unit.
Jeff Dunham and Walter on marriage..."Marriage is an institution but then so is Alcatraz, at least there the Warden doesn't max out your credit cards!"

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well seems to me you are still rooted in reality... admire and enjoy the scenery (she wants you too) and then remember the foot in reality... :) and if you really want to tempt fate, tell the better half :laugh:

(you should see some of the drug company reps we get in.. whew)
Find a broom closet and put her azz to work!

No, seriously....well, nevermind...yeah, what i said at first...
So I go up front, walk in the hallway, and the girl was STUNNING. Blonde hair, brown eyes, maybe 25. I mean, that catch-your-breath kind of stunning.....

Having said that, I AM a happily married man, but jeez, I'm not DEAD (yet - knock on wood).

Ahh, nothing better than an unintentional pun! :rofl:
Convert to Mormonism then explain to the wife your taking in another bride, I'm sure she''ll understand. If not then it was never meant to be, then your home free. Need any more advise just holla!:thumbsup:
Just remember, a dog dosen't poo in his own backyard, just enjoy the view...