proper tire warmups???


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My Dunlop 208 is more slippery than my old EOM tire. I've put a few hundred on it already and spent an hour in a parking lot scuffy the sides. It's happened 3 times now that I twist full throttle and it breaks loose JUST FOR A SECOND and I loose traction. Twice in straits once on curve. No sir, I don't like it.

Anywho, my standard practice is to do TONS of weaving in my lane, scaring traffic, causing accidents [kidding], to try to advance the heating/scuffing process, everyday when I ride. Is that the best I can do?? Maybe lower tire pressure down to 36? Couple years ago, Dunlops were da Shtuff for streets, why is this one not so sticky? I'll get the M1 next I guess. Looking for advice
I've found that the 208's take some time to heat least 8-10 mins of fairly aggressive riding.......but once they're warm, they do not slip unless you enter a corner too fast, but then any tire will slip.
They're a good may take a bit more mileage to scuff em too.......and how fast can ya go in a parking lot......probably not scuffed off enough yet.......there's no way the 208's less sticky than the oem.
Good luck to ya dude.
Thanks for the info MSF!

Bummer.  I'm just getting to work by the time they warm up.  :p  I guess I choose poorly for my riding style  
 I'm 75% commuting and 25 higher speed w/ occassional twisties.  I just hate slipping at all.  I know, I know, get the M1's  

I have 208s on my R1 and have never had any problems with them. In my opinion they are leaps and bounds better than the 207s i had before. I ride them pretty hard right from the beggining. The 208s are much louder than the old 207s thought. I have also noticed they like to be leaned over harder than the old 207s. Hope this helps. Maybe you have a messed up tire, compound wrong?
dunno. SEEMS fine just that it needs alot of warm up, but it doesn't lock in as well as my previous tire. could always be the particular streets too, but it seems odd that I got 3 slips on the 208 compared to 0 on my EOM. This is after about 400 miles put on it already too. maybe i'll wrap it in double sided carpet tape. my trust in it is dwindling and that affects the fun of my ride :~(
Glad you posted this. I am on M-1's now and was thinking of trying the 208s next. The M-1 heats up very fast and sticks almost immediately. After a mile or so I can stop and the tire is pretty warm to the touch. At the track it is hot and is sticky. It doesn't seem to like damp roads though.
background: had my busa for 3 months/5000 miles now and don't recall the OEM tires slipping. I've only been on the track for one day on the OEM's and they were fine. figured dunlops were better, but was wrong. many more agree on that other busa forum also. I just wanna stick to the road again, regain my confidence, have my fun and eat it too. I have not been impressed with my Dunlop 208's for street use. And I REALLY WANTED to be.