Proper oil disposal?


put in containers (usuly empty 2 liter bottles) and take it to autozone. they can handle it from there.


autozone will only dispose of so much. like 3 or 4 quarts. there should be some sort of hazardous waste disposal (like a specific dump) that will take it free of charge but you have to bring a water bill.


no, and most places wont charge. its a way for them to promote proper oil disposal. noone wants us pouring it out somewhere or puttin it in the trash.


autozone will only dispose of so much. like 3 or 4 quarts. there should be some sort of hazardous waste disposal (like a specific dump) that will take it free of charge but you have to bring a water bill.
never heard of that. ive gone in there with a good 8 qts and they took it just fine.


+1 on autozone, it's free...the one here will only accept a max of 20 quarts per visit, but each time you go into the lot and come back inside is a visit:whistle: (one time I had 6 5qt jugs, I had to take 2 back to the truck:rulez: dump 4, take out the empties and then bring in the other 2:moon:


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Most auto parts stores will take used oil. I work for autozone, and used to work at kragen. Both have a 5 gallon limit per person/week.
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Autozone, or local dump. I like Autozone cause it's free and they never ask. I go in so often they don't even say anything. :thumbsup:


Most any garage that has a waste oil tank probably will let you dump it in their tank. We have one and the owner gets paid for the waste oil. Not Much but still. Ask them, Bet they will let you.
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