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What is the best oil (in your opinion) to use in the busa? Is synthetic better than conventional motorcycle oil?
HUGE topic.....
if its new.....NO synthetic.....my opinion.
if it's older....semi-synthetic....is a good choice..my opinion.
some might say,full synth , if yer clutch dosent slip,should be ok .
I use MOTUL....gr8 oil...but I'm in Canada. It's 12$ a quart
The US guys/gals I believe like Mobil 1 the best .
SOME....European "CAR" manufactures are sending their "CARS" out straight from the factory with full synth oil in the pan . Cars R VERY different from bikes....my opinion.
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Very interesting questin, you will get lots of diffeent answers. You will find what works for you. For me after the first 3,000 I went to Mobil 1 MX4T. I loved it. Hard to find so I went to Mobil 1 15/50 seems just as good.
I run the same stuff as the Suzuki race team. Motorex! I love it and have had no problems with it.

Marc "Howlin Mad"
Ok, let me expose myself

I run, HONDA 10W40 Semi Synthetic, Gold Bottle, Red Top, no moly. I have had no cooling issues and the shifting action is great. It's important to ge the no moly kind, because with moly wold probably make the clutch slip.

Just my .02 cents.

Stealth, the one and only.

I also change my filter with every oil change, 3 - 4 K Miles.

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I recently switched to Mobil MX4T Synthetic at about 3K miles. It works great, my bike seems to run smoother with a slight increase in power. No problems with the clutch, it shifts a lot smoother also.
Had used the same oil as Howlin' Mad (Motorex), but I decided to try something new. Conoco and Pennzoil teamed up to make this naturally synthetic oil (no additives) by using a process called hydrocracking. The oil comes out clear, thus the name "Hydroclear." This stuff is supposed to revolutionize the synthetic oil industry. I know this first-hand because I work for Conoco, which is now ConocoPhillips since the merger. I'll keep everyone posted as to how well it performs.

A well spanked topic for along time..

Well, all I can say is, mine is still running..and very well I might add.

Castrol GTX 10W-40 is the only oil, this Busa has ever seen, as well as the Factory oil filter.

I run Mobile 1 5w30 full synthetic. I change it after each weekend at the track and run it through a coffee filter looking for metal I want to know my bearings are going out before I take out a crank. It seems to protect great.