Powerbronze DB, with or without the black edge?


I'm about to order the Powerbronze DB screen and it seems I can order it with or without a black edge trim. Should I order it with the black edge trim or does it look better without it on the silver/gray Busa?

And which one is better/more practical color in your opinion: light gray or dark gray? I'm leaning towards the light gray but I haven't seen either one in real life...

Any comments greatly appreciated!

Hey Finnbusa,  I also have the 02 Busa silver/gray.  I bought the Powerbronze DB in the DARK tint without the trim.  I think it looks sweet and I have recieved many compliments on it.  One of these days i'll have to figure out how to use my wife's digital camera and post some pics.  Shoot me your e-mail address and i'll have my better half e-mail you some pic's.
I wanna see too! Post 'em here so we can all check them out. I'm debating on either the ZG or PB screens. I know CACHE likes his ZG, but I've heard that PB is better quality.

I think the ZG was popular because it was the only one around for a good while. I have read a lot on the subject and most people feel that both the Pyramid and the Power Bronze are better than the ZG. I have the Pyramid and when I went riding with Havoc and Cache, Havoc and I put our identical bikes next to each other, and low and behold, the Pyramid is actually a little higher. We didn't know that till then. The other thing is that the ZG is a lot thinner. I don't know about the Power Bronze, but it gets great reviews. I am looking forward to seeing one in real life.

I think what Cache likes is the ZG Sport Touring screen that I sold him. That is another story entirely. It is not Double Bubble, and it really is awesome for wind protection. However, you do compromise a bit on style.
I have the PB db dark tint with the dark trim and love it. With a dark visor on my Shoei I can still see through it fairly well.

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This was s sunny day so it makes the dark tint look almost light.

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Holy crap, it worked! As you can tell i'm not very computer savy. This pic you can see the 1 1/4in bar risors I got from reeperrisor.com I love them!

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BUY THE LIGHT TINT WITH BLACK TRIM!!!! I have 2002 Silver/Grey have had both the dark tint and light tint on my bike. The light tint looks better on the Silver/Grey. The dark tint looks tough on the "SE". Let us know which one you go with. Bob
Thanks for all the input, guys! I decided to go for the light tint without the black trim. Maybe the black trim would have looked better but I think I'll be very happy with this combo. Now I have to bite my nails and wait 2-3 weeks for the delivery, grrr...

I'm going to wash and wax the bike tomorrow morning and then it's 4 days of Busa fun!!!