Wind screen to get ?


Ok i have narrowed it down to either the powerbronze or the Zero Gravity i think i am leaning toward the ZG unless can see better benefit from the powerbronze ......

Also not sure if i should get the light or dark smoke ?

like the dark smoke but is it too dark to see through ? or will i be getting low enough to realy see through it anyway ?

has a dark smoke LP on my R6 but could not get low enough to see through it but still could see little bit ??

decisions decisions

Hey Jace there's a poll a page or two back that asks what all the other's use for screens.
Might wanna check it out, that will give ya a pretty good idea
what everyone else likes.
Both of these manufactures are the Chevy/Ford of windscreens. One (PB) is thicker than its counterpart (ZG); but, both are better than the stock screen. Comes right down to personel preference! I have a Zero-gravity and like it............
i love my ZG double bubble light smoke. looks great and under a full tuck i can see clearly through the sheild.
I don't know what color you Busa is, but I'm very happy with the PB Airflow (double bubble). I got the light gray, but it's actually two-tone.

See the "PowerBronze Air Flow on Busa" in the Mod section. I added a pic of my screen. While there's glare, you can make out where the screen is lt. gray and black.

In a tuck, you can look through the screen. The one thing I noticed immediately was that with the new screen on, I had more weight on my wrists since the airflow was no longer hitting me in the chest.

I've heard good things about the ZG, but I have heard the PB is thicker.
Hey Jace,

I have both the Powerbronze and the ZG. They both are great screens and the guys are's strictly your personal preference. I haven't noticed any significant difference in the two. I do ride with the ZG on about 80% of the time though. Do I like it better, or am I just too lazy to change it out? You figure it out...

I have the ZG dark smoke and I love it!! Thought it might be to dark but it ain't.. I think that you couldn't go wrong with either of the two..
Another thing is how tall are you? I am 6' 1" and have the Zero Grav Double Bubble dark smoke. If I go into a very agressive tuck I can get in behind the screen still but mostly I just lower to where the wind travels smoothly over the helmet. If you're tall go for the Zer Grav. I bought another brand windscreen (I forget the name.) and had to return it because none of the holes lined up when I tried to mount it.
I have the dark smoke ZG and I love it compared to the stock. It is not too dark and the shape is a lot better than stock, not as thick but thick enough up to at least 140. Plus I can actually see the gauges completely now.
I like the profile of The Zero Gravity Screen a whole lot more than the PB the shots I have seen of the Power Bronze make it look a little off.
The Zero G, DB Holds up just fine at 170 BTW.
None of them are that pricey so get a couple and mix it up a bit.
I have a powerbronze db on my bird. My buddy has a zg on his. Sitting side by side you can tell that the pb is about an inch and a half higher than the zg. Still both work absolutly wonderful in keeping the wind off when in full tuck. Not to mention you will be able to see all the gauges and the clock when riding upright (not tucked). BTW, the pb is thicker than the zg.
If the PB is Thicker that could be a consideration, though the ZG DBs are thin, they are also really optically clean. It is real nice not having to do that Busa Head ducking thing, to check the gauges.
I have a Sportech Blue mirror screen although it looks cool the fit sucks I am considering sending it back to see what they can do.