Personalized License Plate

They can ride man, If I can do it they can! Just make sure there is no snow on the ground and life is good
Nice Plate,
But didn't we talk about blending in ?
My bad
Okay, yesterday I got my new 05. Today I went to the MVA... Maryland's version of the DMV, and registered and titled my new bike
... and got personal tags... which I'll have to wait for. My new plate will say...

that's funny, I had the same plate on my 92 Z/28...I was 19 at the time and it did bring alot of attention...lots of good times though
...should have gone with 'granpa' or something...

Thats true! The few times I got pulled over. I get the "son" or "boy" crap until I pull off my helmet and hand over my drivers licence. Then its Sir or Mr right away. They think they got some kid and the look on their face when the realize they got a 50 year old man! Is priceless.