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Too many close calls with the man!
1.Minding my own business in the carpool lane 75 in a 65, and two CHPs on bikes come out of nowhere and pass me, actually I had to move to the left and let them pass. (since when does a CHP bike have TWO headlights?)  One waved like "thanks"
2.Zipping home at 3:30am 80 in a 65, and an LAPD bike passes me after flashing his brights. (I gotta pay more attention!)
3.Coming up over a hill and I see red and blue lights on a LA county Sheriff's car, blam,blam, down two gears and I avoid the radar, whew!  The funny part is I guess he heard me downshift because when I passed him he was waving his left index finger, like uh, uh, UUhh,. Then he pulls out, hits the lights (NOOO!) and snags the car behind me!

They're out to get me I tell ya!
its not the police the government has had servalance on you for six months and are trying to claim you want the president dead and have attempted to kill him
If they were really out to get ya, you wouldn't know it until you woke up in the interrogation room with a splitting headache
They are very sneaky...wait...did you hear that noise..I think someone is outside the window...gotta go NOW!
Man, Oscar and I were big lucky considering we were rolling triple digits all over that area... I did have the Valentine One on board though. I was amazed not too see too many police on the flight home (San D. to Vegas in 4 hours)...
Just start a non-profit terrorist organization. You'll not only get great tax deductions, but the government will fund up to 85% of your first year of business.
Yeah your pretty much busted...It's only a matter of time...
I hate to tell you this but.........yesterday Iwas briefed about yout kinda activity and a grab n snatch has scheduled for you. So to make it easy for us just walk around with a bag already packed and try not to look suspicious.


The Gov't
Well at least I'm not being paranoid about being "watched" if I AM being watched. I'll just have to get used to it, like the little voices in my head.
I think you are riding with you guardian Angel, make sure he or she stays there.
so long as it aint pee pee hole syndrome!!!!

Hey my fellow Genii....I got some happy pills for ya that will take that paranoia away!

knock knock knock....
who is it??
Its me up...I got the stuff
Yeah open the door...I think the cops are after me
Dave? Daves not here!!!
Watch out for the silent helicopters, and black full-size domestic SUVs, they run parallels. That buzzing noise you hear isn't tinnitis, or coming from your refridgerator, it is the electromotive force emanating from the brain wave scrambler they have in your cable TV/ Satellite receiver. The best protection is to have a vasectomy, because then you are sterile and of no further use to the syndicate's ongoing alien human hybrid project.