Oil Choices

Oil Choices - Dino or Synthetic

  • Fossil oil

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  • Semi-Synthetic

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  • Synthetic

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Fossil, I just keep up with the oil changes. What is the reason for changing to full synthetic?
viscocity is better, shifting is actually smoother, temp stays a bit lower, and if you believe cycleworld (pretty sure they are the ones that did the review) it can add 1-3 hp for ya
...not to mention you can go longer between changes without causing harm to any internal parts~ If I remember correctly, with Amsoil you can actually go 10k between changes~ I would still change it out a little more frequently... but it's great for those of us that procrastinate the oil change to the last possible mile... wink.gif
wet clutch compatible, antifoaming agents, anti corrosion agents meets JASO specification for about $6.50 qt.
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