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Hey the new Harley's are way better than the old ones, right?
I pulled up to one a few weeks ago and that ol V-twin was floppin all over the place,thought the guy was gonna vibrate right off the thing.  ;-)

Check this out :  Test ride
thats a good one I laughed my ass off!!! I could not wait to e mail my brothers the link to that. They are all HD riders and they are always making smart ass remarks to me about riding a rice burner! I think most of the time they are pissed because I can ride faster in first and second gear than they can using all their gears!!
That's mean, but true !!! My dad and uncle had HD and every time we went riding they sent half the day pulled over to tighten up the turds.

Funny, but only true to the old harleys, like the shovelheads. My sportster is still in one piece (well two becaus seats off so the trickle charger is on) and nothng has fallen off because i know about lock tight

BTW, its for sale make me an offer please, i want it out of my garage, pleeeeaaaaase buy it. Ill sell for any reasonable price. Its embarassing having one in my garage.
Thats great!

My father-in-law has a Harley and it spits and fires like its 20 years old. Its a 2000 model. I think he's envious of me when I come by him on the busa. 1) The busa is much better looking than a Harley. 2) The busa is much smoother than a Harley. 3) The busa is much faster than a Harley and 4) The busa is much CHEAPER than a Harley!!!