Non-Busa lowside at the track tonight


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Crashed on my pocketbike tonight at a track. First time I EVER crashed ANY kinda motocycle type thingy, and I couldn't have enjoyed it more!!! After about 8 laps on my 4.2 HP 40 MPH pocket bike, I was dragging my shoes [not knees in this case] on every corner and using it as a technique... well finally I went into a curve too hot and leaned too far onto my shoes which usually lifts the back tire a bit. I don't recall EXACTLY what happened but I am sure the back tire slid out and down I went. It happened so fast, all I was thinking is "Oh crap I'm crashing! let go of the bike! you're wearing leathers. the bike is going off to my left and won't hurt me... I feel I'm rolling [should I try to slide?] but the leather and padding is very comfortable. I hope I don't break a bone. wait! this is really fun I'm rolling over and over and not getting hurt at all cuz my padding is working perfectly. did I just hit my head? I wonder hom many rolls this will take" then I started laffing histarically cuz it was so funny to crash a bike that's like 18 inches high. It reminded me of rolling down a hill as a child for fun and dizzines. I was COMPLETELY unhurt, leather with padding in all the right places, helmet got one tiny scrape mark, some scuffing on the leathers and gloves and the bike has a scratch and the left handle folded in by design. I won't ride these things without leather.
Uh, so anyway, for your entertainment, there it is, and here's a few pics. Didn't get the lowside in video cuz it was too dark. Oh well, won't be the last time I'm sure. :)


Looks like fun!!!!

Buy some clown colored leathers! Then you can go put ona show for da kiddos!
Oh WWJD Clown leathers...Only way to go... That's some funny stuff.
hahahahaha you guys! Clown Leathers! You buy'em, I'll wear'em

"Look mommy, look! Bozo just highsided and now he's leaking blood. What are those words he is yelling at his bike? Mommy, he's scaring me!"