No turn signal pics

Here are some pics of the Busa with the turn signals cut off after we installed the integrator. We also put an undertail and integrator on my partners R1.

If I can figure out how to add this movie of it SNOWING in Texas, I will.

Don't mind the messy Garage...........but hey, if you've seen older pics of my garage you know I've done some cleaning up in there.
okay, i'm jealous now... how hard was it for you to do your integrator start to finish?
Not too partner is a contractor with many years of tinkering with stuff like that and he did most of the electrical took him about twenty minutes. I had the crappy mudflap already cut off and ready to go. That took me about two hours to get it nice and clean.........and I still have some minor touch up stuff to do to it.

U haul sells a 3 into 2 convertor for about $20. Works just fine.......Busabullet has the same integrator.


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How well can you see the turn sig when lit? I would like to see a pic of the signal on, if you can. I worry about some cager not seeing it.

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