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I have been contemplating giving the Busa a stable mate. I kind of want something bigger and more comfortable for two up with the Mrs. I have been looking at the Honda ST1300. I was wondering if anybody here has any experience with it. I know it won't be as quick or nimble as the Busa but was looking for some riding impressions all the same.


(IG. @ Sep. 15 2006,12:28) Then why not the new FJR?
I considered it but the exclusivity keeps their price really high. I have found leftover 05 ST1300's for 10,300 OTD. I do really like the FJR and if I was to get rid of the Busa I would get the FJR but I think the ST1300 is also more comfortable from what I have read in reviews.


I had a ST1100 before i bought the busa. It was very reliable, comfortable, and low maint. The negatives were heavy and slow. The 1300 is faster and marginally lighter although not a busa. If I had a second bike I would get the st1300.


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Awwwwww, the ST1300 is a GREAT Bike if it's what fits your needs. 7.5 gal tank getting 45 mpg (that's 300 miles per tank on a trip --- more than my blatter can handle
) , and electrical system only others wish they had because you can ADD ANYTHING and not overload it (as in 740 watts  
, only the GW 1800 has more with 1,100 watts) . All day or Coast to Coast comfort (although a Myers saddle would be a mighty tastey addition) , and all the options anyone could ask for. And yea, it's not as fast as a FJ1300 (we're talking 1/10's of sec.) nor as flickable and then we're talking minor areas here. Construction, durability, ridability in any weather (has ABS) , and a service network second to none makes it a World Level Bike in  my opinion. And I have alot of Long Distance Rally friends who agree  
. Ya, just can't go wrong with it, IF, and that's a big IF, it's the type of bike you want and will use. If not, you'll be miserable with it  


had an ST1100 as well, put almost 100k on it, cali to Fl and back average 700+ per day on that one, up and down cali over mountains, never had any real troubles either. 45+ on stock pipes and 40~ with the 2bros's I put on it. The guy who bought it is still riding it daily...


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I'd LOVE to get a ST1100 or 1300. I do alot of long distance trips to my dads (4 hours-ish), and the busa just isn't comfortable enough for that. Okay, I also like to keep as much of a "v" shape to my tires for the twisties... Anyway, I just read in a european mag where they tested one. They LOVE it, and the cops over there use them, so they MUST be well worth it.


i rode an st1100 on a 1200 mile trip a couple of yrs ago and it performed like it should and i liked it very the role it was intended. otherwise, i found it a boring motorcycle to ride. only honda knows how to engineer the fun out of a bike. i would suggest you ride the st1300 for awhile before you decide and hopefully it is a little more fun at least. from what i heard the yam fjr is more of what a motorcycle is supposed to be.

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