I have been cheating...


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So, I havent been around for quite a while, truth is I have been cheating. Best part, I never got caught! Worst part, no one cares!

Someone in here got me hooked on the idea, I was on the way to meet the member in here, for a hot deal, but unforseen problems kicked in, and that never happened. I consoled myself, this would have been a great deal, wonderful relationship, but along came a younger better looking one to cheat with, and so the story goes.
Anyway, this is who I have been cheating on the Busa with........

All is forgiven. But I think as your punishment you should let me drive it for a month.
I guess it's more comfortable when you ride it compared to a Busa. With the car, all you have to do is sit there sprawled out. With a Busa, you always have to re-position yourself to get the right "fit".

always cheat with some equal to or better than what you currently have.
(just not in speed of course)
I thought that was funny too... if you don't then what's the point?
damn must be nice thats gonna be my next purchase in a few years either a few year old c5 or c6 z06 or one of the new camaros