New Paint Job!!!


Hey guys!! I know I've been missing around here lately, but I still got love for you all and .org I wanted to share with you the changes I have made to my baby.... NEW PAINT!!! Polished up and good to go!!! Tell me what you think!!!! Smooches, LoBusa

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Just wanted to post a pic of Lo in case you guys forgot who I am!!!! This is me chillin' in New Orleans on my birthday!!!

smooches........ Lo

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Lo...that is phat! with a capital PH! That was a much better choice than the burt orange.

Damn, can I ride with you...I mean behind you?

Is the name Dex painted on it?

That Is sweet!
Oh WOW Lo!!!! That's just beeyootiful!
And Happy Birthday! (late) Nice glasses!
Damn Lo, that busa of yours is tight. I'm jealous....the paint job I was thinking of getting seems lame compare to yours. Got to give to you Lo, you're doing the damn thang. Paint job, polished should enter it in Thinker lil contest he have going on. Nice job Lo...keep it clean.

Enjoyed your company in the N.O. When can we do it again??

Nice, Very very nice!! I cant belive how good that looks girl.

Do I still get to ride with you in the group?

I dont quite think that I fall into the same catagory any more.
Thank you, thank you, thank you, for all the nice compliments!!! I am really happy with the "new look". I was lucky to get everything taken care of within 2 weeks so I wasn't shaking too badly from Busa withdrawal..... I know keeping the polish clean is gonna be a beeeeeaaaaaaachhhh, but it's worth it!!!!

MuggaX (Will), thanks for takin' care of me in New Orleans!! I had a great time!! And a big Thank You for letting me ride your bike!!! That showed alot of trust and I appreciate it!!! I can't wait to come out there again and kick it wit' ya!!!!! But it's your turn now to come to Cali........

Smooches to you all!!!!!!

NO YOU DIDN'T! I LOVE IT!  Purple is my favorite color how did you know.Damn you.., I mean its FINE.
Nice Job LO  

I almost forgot
 Happy belated Birthday

Now we know what's been going on...Grand entrance...That's cool...Your shat is tight...Happy belated birthday and wishing you many more...Tight, tight and tight... Get your
on Lo...
Sweet..and nice job...won't be hard to spot you at or near Laguna 03....Like Brenn said beeeuuuutttiful...take care ..
Kawafaski aka PaceMaster.