new 07gsxr 1000 or 08 zx-10R


the gf is trading in her trusty 03 636 ninja on saturday but she is stumped on which one to buy, im pushing for the gixxer because its a new 07 blue/white and its discounted to $9299 and there is a huge aftermarket for those bikes because hers will need to be lowered for her short little legs. she likes the green on the kawi but wd the kawi be as good as the gixxer? looking for input or stuff we are not thinking of, thanks again
IMO both are good bikes, I would go with the gixxer, I like the look of them better. Consider which is cheaper, because that would leave more $$$ for mods. ;)
Gixxer!! A friend of mine has an 07 Limited, black with flames, and it is a really nice bike! I, personally, do not like the new "08"ZX's. Just my opinion.

I say let her make the choice it is her bike and she is the one that has to ride it. Not to mention that in the liter class all the bike are so close it is not even funny just like the 14 and the Gen II it all boils down to rider. SO again I say let her make the choice it is her bike and she is the one that has to ride it if she does not like it she will not ride it.
I ride a gixxer and love that thing. I don't think there is a better performance bike available on todays market? Just my opinion of course. I have romped around on the ZX10 a number of times and they just don't seem to perform as well as the gixxer. Although the 10 is no slouch, the gixxer seems to have a smoother power delivery and for whatever reason seem to be much more nimble. One of my friends that has two 10's he races even says the gixxer is a better performer.

I don't think you have much choice as to what she buys, do you? If she likes the color of the kawi, then that's what she'll get!

Either one will serve her well.
I would also suggest getting the Gixxer! My blk/orange 07 is by far the best bike I have ever owned in 30 years of riding. I have close to 8,000 trouble free miles on the clock with no issues whatsoever other than routine maintenance requirements. I'm sure she'll feel the same way I do about the absolultey smooth as butter shifting and confidence inspiring handling in the twisties. There was one and for a certain VIN range, two recalls that your dealer has been instructed to perform PRIOR to selling any left over 2007 GSX-R1000, so no need to worry about that.
I have a friend who rides a 636 on the track and a gixxer 750 on the street, she loves the gixxer, said it rides smooth, she has been track racing for about 10 yrs so i tend to listen to her input on things, also as mentioned above the mods availably are crazy, but in the end she wont be happy if its not what she picked, with the money you'll save on the gixxer you could custom paint it green for her
ya its not my decision but i seem to be the only one gathering info, i guess im just using common since, the 08 10R is $10,499 the "new" 07 gsxr 1K is $9299 and there is no way imo the 10 is worth $1200 more but like others said its her gig. just think what you could buy with the extra $$$$$
tell her to keep the 636, and that girls should never get anything bigger than a 600, then wink, smile and smack her back side before directing her back into the kitchen
tell her to keep the 636, and that girls should never get anything bigger than a 600, then wink, smile and smack her back side before directing her back into the kitchen
then after you do that, go ahead and set up your tent and sleeping bag because you know who wont be having a happy time that night
If it was my wife and she liked one over the other because of the color, I would let her choose the color she likes. My wife would be happier riding it, which means I would be happier.
Just my 2 cents.
(captured from Superbike Magazine UK 2008 May Issue)







* Gixxer much more pretty
OH MY GOD THE SUZUKI IS .35 FASTER IN THE QUARTER!!! better get that one
This is the same as asking which is better bike to get. Busa or ZX14. Both are great bike. It's personal preference. With minor pro's and cons for each. Let her buy what she feels most comfortable with. I personally don't like the appearance of the Kawi's. Not being bias. I don't care for the look of the Gixer either. Thus why I have a Busa in my garage. I had the dash in hand when deciding on bike so that wasn't a factor for me. Though if I had to choose between the two it would be the Gixer.

Take her and spend some time with each bike. Sitting on etc... Then go home and make the pro's and cons list. One which both you make. Let her do most the work on it. You just give your input on couple thing you feel that she left out. Research what Must Mods for her and the pricing/availability of them. By time you done all this the selection of which bike will be a no brainer and she will be that much more happier with it. For the deference in price between the two you can always get a custom paint job for her.
I vote the GSXR because after sitting on both and playing around with a ZX in the twisties the GSXR just seems to be a better overall bike, it was hard not to get one when I was looking at my busa, since as we all know if you can afford a busa than there are alot of other choices..
I'm not sure about the 1000's, but with the 600's the Suzuki's are way lower than the Kawi's. How does she like the 636 that she has now, she might be more comfortable on a Kawi ? I'd be happy to have either one !!!