New ‘17 on Showroom Floor

Gonna be pricing out 2019’s here shortly. Some dealers still have 2018’s so if a sweet enough deal comes up I may go for an ‘18.

One local dealer still has a 2017 on his floor. I don’t think he’s gonna come down enough for me to go for it, but if he does what should I look for? I’d be worried that the battery would be shot from sitting so long; and I’d really be worried about the fuel and it sitting so long.

the battery has not been filled yet . 13,14,15,16,17,18,19 all the same just as said bold graphics .
2008-2012 same as above just no ABS / Brembos

I wasn’t aware they didn’t fill the batteries until being sold. So it shouldn’t have a battery in it at all until sold?

Does anyone know about the fuel? Does it come from Suzuki with a stabilizer in it?
North of the 49th we are getting five years of Suzuki factory warranty. Plus a gas card for the 18's. Not sure about 17's worth a try.
The 17's get the same as the '18s...there is one in Ottawa and it has the gas card, warranty and a's black and lovely...I saw it when I was there getting a few oil filters.

Of course as soon as I paid any attention to it, the salesmen almost broke their legs getting to me. I told them I am happy with what I have now.


Well don't shy away from the 17. It will also be about 50 bucks a year cheaper than a 19
Model on insurance. Every year my 14 goes down in cost to insure. Call your insurance company, and ask prices of both years.

What part of Texas are you in?
I was in Brownwood for 5 years for work... it’s a small town in the dead center of Texas. Grew up in NC and am lucky enough to be back in NC currently. Gotta update my profile. Current town is called Apex.
If your familiar with Dallas you may have heard of Camp Bowie Rd.

Camp Bowie is in Brownwood and the road goes from Dallas to Brownwood. If I remember right it’s also called 377. I wasn’t military but some people are familiar with it.
It was a month or two when I went in; but I thought it still had the MSRP price on it. Of course he said he'd make a deal; but I've got a feeling I can get an '18 for just over what he'll come down to.

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