Need a new rear tire.


Looks like its time for a new one. Front one looks fine. Someone mentioned get the same brand as the front. Thoughts on this?

Also my last bike was a CBR 600 97. Low sided twice once due to the tire not being warmed up I think I was going hard into a turn at about 30 and it just slipped out from under me. Never felt it coming was peg dragging next thing I know I am dragging! Pushed it away from me, baseball slid till I caught my footing jumped up in the air and started running like forest gump! Almost face planted too lol.

Next time was more of a lock up at about 15 mph.

Now the tire on there now gets almost 0 traction. I give it juice or try to clutch it up in first and it just spins. Gotten some nasty drifts out of it but just wondering if its due to the torque of bike or just the tire being done?

I looked around for a tire thread also did not find much. Looking for a good stick street tire that I can ride corners hard with out fear of loosing grip.

Been riding over a year now and I have so much to learn! Took the MSF course first thing and it was the best class I have ever been too. Signing up for more advanced classes before the summers out. Never can have to much knowledge!


I'm running the Shinko 005's and a little over 400 miles with no complaints. $110.00 for the rear.


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140 for a stock rear replacement. they say you eat two rear tires for every front, so if the front is ok, then just replace the rear., got mine in 2 days for 144 bucks, free shipping. thought it was too good to be true til it showed up on my doorstep this evening.:thumbsup:


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There's a number of tire threads on here. In the last four or five months there's been plenty with good info. Do a search for threads or post by TufBusa for one example.

Just ordered an Avon Storm AV56 rear for mine. $165 TTD. The Michelin Power Pilots are good too but run north of $200

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