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Golds Gym in Indianapolis, Indiana closed recently & really upset me. I ave been a member for years of this Gym and recently was told that it was time for me to re-new. So I re-newed on a 2 year contract & pre-payed my membership in cash. I had also paid for & kept a locker at the gym. 3 days after taking my cash this gym closed down without any warning whatsoever. When I called Golds Gym I was told that the things in my locker were given to Goodwill & that I would need to write a letter to get my dues back minus any cancellation fee's. I used to love this gym & am shocked that they would do that. I understand that things happen but don't take peoples money & then close 3 days later!

Gym Closed Indianapolis, Indiana - YouTube[/url]

Please leave a youtube comment saying "that sucks, ect"... Trying to see if I can get the views to take off ...
That sux, what cancellation fees. I'll bet they ask you if there's a Gold's Gym located within 50 miles :banghead:
Total BS! Keep calling there corporate office until you get a full refund and payment for the items in your locker that were given away.
I know stuff like that happens with small mom&pop gyms but a national chain treating customers like that?? I would definitely call corporate HQ and email, skype, twitter, FB etc. I hope you have some type of receipts or proof to back up your claims
I travel almost year round and I always try to find a gym that is locally owned as well as not being 24 hours

Sucks that you have to deal with this. Keep complaining up the ladder till you get to someone that can resolve your issues
id be makn a police report for fraud. they were well aware that they were closing and scammed ppl into thinkn otherwise. thats not only dishonest but illegal. something like that doesnt happen overnight. they were told likely many weeks if not months ago based on profits or lack of.

they simply took ur money and ran thinkn most ppl would not fight cause it would be too much drama. im sure ur not the only one they scammed. find out who else they they stole from. cause thats what it is a larceny.
Yes, I would be making allegations of fraud against them. There's no way they didn't know they were going to close down.
The Gold's Gym out here in Crest Hill/Joliet, IL did the same thing to me and a lot of other people. I didn't have that issue with the locker being that I never kept anything there but I did have an issue with the cancellation fees and I just bit the bullet on that one being that I was frustrated. In hindsight, I should have fought that live and you learn. Hope all goes well with you.
What you need to do is get a local "investigative Reporter" from a local TV News station and/or the local newspaper to do a story on it. Bad publicity hurts a business more than a single lawsuit. I'll bet they would make it right with you pretty quickly if that happened.