My Busa won't start :(


2002, 12K miles.

Everything sounds fine but it just cranks and won't fire up.  The only thing that changed was that it was always in climate controlled storage and I could leave the thing for a over a month at a time without touching it and it would fire right up.  Last week I got rid of the storage and brought it home to keep in the garage.  I have not touched it for a week and its been VERY cold here in Jersey and now this....  

I didn't want to jump start it with one of my cars because I don't know if the elec. system between a car and bike will get along.  

Note- All lights come on.

Any advice is appreciated!
Do you hear the whine when the fuel pump primes after going from Kill to run? When you sat it cranks, what do you mean? What exactly is it doing?
If it is cranking but not starting, why would you jump it? That's confusing.....
(MC MUSTANG @ Feb. 18 2007,10:18) Do you hear the whine when the fuel pump primes after going from Kill to run? When you sat it cranks, what do you mean? What exactly is it doing?
+1 & how old is the gas?
If its cranking normally, then your battery is fine.

You might have bad fuel,a bad fuel pump, spark plugs...
Thanks for the responses guys.

I was thinking of jumping it because maybe their just wasen't enough juice to get it to fire up.  Maybe its just that cloudy wishful thinking.

I do hear the fuel pump come on as normal.

It's just wierd that the one week I store it in a cold garage it doesn't start. The gas is brand new.

Where do I start the troubleshooting process?

Thank you!
Well first, is it cranking quickly or slowly.

You should be able to tell if your battery is weak...
Okay, hereis the video of me trying to start it.  It seems like a weak battery?

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Just jump started mine today with the car- hooked it up and tried it with the car off, no go. Started the car, and the bike fired right up.
Warning: Not a great idea to to boost from the car while is on. Good chance of burning out the alternator on the bike since it cant handle the high output from the car. Happened on my GPZ1100.

Make sure battery terminals are tight and clean. Remove any white powder if visible. Is it very cold in garage?

Think the oil might be too thick (from cold), putting more strain on battery therefore making it harder to turn over? Laugh people, I've seen it happen.

I would definately start off with charging the battery since the garage is cold.
(speed750 @ Feb. 18 2007,10:41) I've jumped mine off with no ill effects.
+1 I left the key in the accessory position all day at work once. Jumped it no prob. You need a battery tender for the cold months.
You can jump it from another vehicle. Just DO NOT start the other vehicle or let it run while the cables are connected!! It can fry the regulator/rectifier.
It is ok to jump it with the car...from the video, your battery is WEAK.

Don't work the throttle when trying to start it...just set the fast idle and crank it over.

You might have already flooded it...if that's the case, you'll need some fresh plugs