My Busa won't start :(

Just saw the video. I cracked me up when U waved your arms like WTF!!!!

Dude, is a weak battery. Nice bike BTW.
It is the battery or battery connection. I would change the battery. If the battery won't hold a charge, you are just asking for more trouble by riding it.
Someone told me before to use a smaller guage jumper cable to jump from a car. This will limit the amperage or so I was told.
If the size of the cable limits the amperage it will get extremely hot. 12v is 12v, the bike will only draw the current it needs. If you have the car running it could be outputting up to ~15v depending on the car.... so that might be a bad idea.
ALRIGHT! Thanks for the responses. In the video I was gonna get off the bike and start punching the bag in the background to relive my disgust hahaa

Ok, so I hooked the cables up to my car BUT I did leave the car off. Result- Fired right up. Guess it is time for a battery tender.

Thank you very much for all your guys' help.