My boy got a Christmas gift early from pop

Thanks! He's digging it for sure but my poor daughter is too small and feels a bit left out. Now I have to tackle the tree house and get it up to speed.
Pure Awesomeness!

I think we should set one of these up off the back porch of Eureka Springs into the lake....only a few yards right guys??
now I'm jealous and although his will hold, i'd rather set one up longer and more durable for the big kids. :laugh: so, i was telling my neighbor about it and he is a high tension line worker and offered some materials to donate to my juvenile cause. i want to have the 2nd line extend all the way to the road which is shy of about 300'. we already have the "T" bar that came with my sons kit so that part is covered. i'll see where this goes within the next month.:beerchug:
That's awesome!! My sons have one at their Dad's house and I know they love it...

Good job Dad! :thumbsup: