Made it to the GAP (pictures too)


Well I finally made it to Deal's Gap, rode it, loved it, got the t-shirts, took some photos, AND LOVED IT!!

I got a late start Saturday from Wytheville, VA (rain delay) but after getting wet (light rain) a few times on the way we made it to Gatlinburg (sunny by then) by 7PM. We stayed there for the night in a cabin, ran the strip a few times (zoo!) and got plenty of "hey check it out, Hayabusa!!" along the way. Lots of other bikes there but no other Busa's.

Anyhow, we left to find the Gap Sunday AM (sunshine!), took 321 S then the Foothills parkway. After a nice drive and a rather crappy detour we made it to 129 and the start of the Dragon. Took about 1hr 15min from Pigeon Forge. We were blessed with light traffic, no accidents, very little Law pressence and nice sunny weather (a little overcast but never rained). We ran the Dragon a few times (two-up with my girlfriend) and had a blast. I even started to scare my girlfriend on the second run when I started feeling my oats.

Long story short, it is an awesome road to check out and the closest thing to a road race course you will find. The pavement was smooth with little or no gravel only a few rough spots. The 11 mile run was awesome and we also ran up to Robinsville but did not make it to Cherohala Skyway (next time). My girlfriend was a trooper and had a good time although we had to drive all the way back Sunday afternoon (almost 4 hours) and got caught in the rain again near Bristol.

Buuuut we had a blast, got home safe, had no problems and can't awit to go again. And should I add DAMN I LOVE MY HAYABUSA!!!! I hope to spend more time on the Dragon nezt time and want to make a few runs solo but I am so glad my woman came along (love you baby!).

Everyone that has not gone, go by all means if you can and plan on staying a while. It is like you own amusement park (I wa actuall hooting and hollering in my helmet all thru the ride).
Me in the smokies (Gatlinburg Saturday)

Small group of bikes at the upper lookout. There were actully quite a number of bikes there that day but not at the lookout when I took this picture. Saw lots of Triumphs, some Ducatis, a number of Aprilias, plus your normal GSXR's, R1's, CBR's etc. but we were the only Hayabusa that we saw.

One more of the little lady at the upper lookout (sorry it is sideways, my buddy downloaded these and fudged a few).

What a day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Awesome!!!! Looks like you two had a great time.

Fellow VA Busa rider..... :cool:

Very nice. I love the spot over looking the Dam. i was there but not on the bike.
Looks like you guys had a great time! I need to work my way down there sometime soon...
Nice pics...nice Busa...glad you guy had fun...

Thanks for sharing your pics, really beautiful down there!! I checked out the deals gap site before when you mentioned you were going...........that run looks friggin awesome!!!

Next year...........

Thanks again for sharing!!

Glad you all enjoyed them. I am still waiting to see this weekend's shots from Killboy (he takes pictures at Deal's Gap and posts them on the net for sale) to see if he has any of us in action ridin' the Dragon. A number of people took our picture during the day so maybe he will have some of us.

It was really really nice.
hate i missed you over the weekend (1st wedding anniversary).. But I'm headed up wed to do some riding and rafting with the lady. And will probably get back up there a couple more times before the weather gets too rough
Great roads in that part of the country, the GAP is a great place to ride. Thanks for the pics...

Yeah dez I understand about priorities (especially regarding the ladies).

I was hoping to run into some other Busa's, maybe even some from here but didn't see any. I hope to go back before the end of the season so I will let everyone know to see if anyone wants to ride along or will be there at the same time. Everyone should do the same so us "seudo or semi-locals" can meet up and go too.

Great place, great ride!